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Tuesday's Air


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Morning All. Hate to come in and run but hubby went to work an hour late today. I have to get busy in the computer doing bills and stuff. I'm going to try something, cutting and pasting the "Viewed since last..." to my notebook so I can come back to it later. Hope it works.

Want to say something this morning to all of you out there struggling with stubborn cancers that won't go away, progressions and treatments and side-effects etc. After a long bout of sinus infection, burning eyes, sore throat and general misery since before my late June infusion, I was feeling pretty down. Then I had a pretty rough day Sunday, even though I got out, it was fraught with problems. I wound up having to say goodnight to the company and going to bed before they left. They understood and it was just guys but I hated it.

Yesterday morning, I got up and worked out on my TG, chatted a bit with neighbors and did some laundry at the park laundromat. My hubby got home around 3 pm and we had an early pasta dinner and watched a movie, and old 1994 Academy Award Winner Legends of the Fall with Anthony(s) Hopkins and Quinn and Brad Pitt. Great flick. Last night going to bed, I found myself thinking "I'm going to be o.k. with this cancer and this treatment." I thought about my feelings that bumps in the road are always a lesson to be learned. Been struggling with this one since progression. Now I think maybe its just to relax and live an ordinary life. Stop thinking all the time about what should I be doing. How should I be contributing. Maybe for right now it's just "The Air" in the morning lol. Seriously, if I'm meant to be doing something else it will present itself in time.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Mansfield PA (still, oh wonderful to not be moving yet)

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Still wondering about My friend here Bucky. Sent PM 2 days ago and nothing!! Anybody here anything???

Just Do what feels right and be who ya wanna be if that makes Sense. There are so many folks here that keep me going and fighting and helping that the list is too Long.

Hope ya have lots of sunshine and smiles today everybody!!!

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Great "Air" this morning, Judy. I think you shared some great thoughts this morning and I do agree. Sometimes, we all tend to worry too much about things going on in our lives and we forget to just live.

Well, here on Florida's Space Coast, we're still hoping that the weather will cooperate long enough to get the shuttle off the launchpad. NASA is now hoping for a launch tomorrow night.

I had a rough night last night. My son and DIL have two little daschunds, Bailey and Barney, who are truly my little "granddogs." My DIL and Bailey have been together for many years. The kids went to Vegas for a long weekend and left the dogs with her mom and dad. When they came home from church on Sunday, Bailey had passed away. She was all curled up on her favorite bath mat. The kids got back into town late last night and my DIL is a wreck. I'm very sad, too. I also got a bit upset this morning when one of my friends said...."you have to remember she's only a dog." Well, in my family, our dogs are like part of our family.

I had my cake decorating class last night and have made a decision! I think I'm going to concentrate on make a cake taste good rather than making it look pretty. I think I did all right with the actual decorating, but leveling the cake and getting that buttercream icing exactly the right consistency is for the birds!!! I don't think I'll ever feel the same about buttercream icing after actually making it. Crisco and sugar....how good can that be for your ticker?

So, hope everyone has a zippy day in your little corner of the world!!!


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Judy I think we all often forget to live in the moment. So you had some good points this morning. So today I am going to live in the moment and get my hair done. Hevent done that for awhile lol :oops:

Ann - I am so sorry to hear about Bailey. In our family our dogs our definately a part of our family too. Some people see pets as disposable and that can be a bit irritating.

Well here in Washington we are a bit overcast and cool today as we have been the last few days. I have a sick daughter so my job today is to baby her and give her everything she wants as well as try and get some housework done but when her dad gets home I am going to get my hair done I dont really have many days off to get it done so today is a must.

Well I hope everyone has a great Tuesday and dont forget about chat tonight. Judy and Ann we would love to "see" you there!


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:D Ann,

real buttercream icing is made with real butter not crisco shortening. Found that out from my mom who was a prof. cake decorator. Although still not great for you much better for the taste of things...lol

She never got her cakes completely level either.


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Ann, I'm so sorry about Bailey. We haven't had pets for awhile. It would be so difficult with our nomad lifestyle. And allergies and pets in the coach just wouldn't do. I do remember tho, when my Fudgie (a peke) died while my sister was watching her while we were on vacation. At least your St Bernard didn't attack and kill Bailey!

Heidi, I worked a little too much today and had a melt-down around one when I got turned in circles with one of the electronic phone calls trying to undo a mistake on the computer. My hubby has to work tonight so if I can stay awake, I'll try to make chat. Thanks for the heads up. I haven't been able to get back onsite (too busy) today so I wouldn't have thought of it. Getting your hair done? Awesome. I have an appointment on Sat morning with my old hairstylist in Kutztown PA. Can't wait.

Dawn, one thing you can't make without Crisco is old fashioned fried RED tomatoes with milk gravy. We've tried. No flavor!

Have a great day everyone. Hope to "see" you tonight.

Judy in Mansfield PA

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Judy, I've heard of fried green tomatoes but have never hear of fried red tomatoes. It sounds really good, though. Heck, about anything fried always sounds really good to me.

Dawn, someone asked the instructor at the beginning of the class about using butter instead of Crisco and she gave some reason as to why Crisco is better. But...I can't remember what the reason was.

Son and DIL are driving to the vet clinic tonight to see little Bailey for one last time. DIL has decided that Bailey will be laid to rest in one of her favorite spots in DIL's parents yard. They have a huge oak tree that Bailey used to sit under for hours while watching the squirrels at play. Since Bailey spent so many enjoyable hours there, they found it fitting that she should return to the place where she loved so much. I love animals so much but my heart always breaks into a million pieces when I lose one. Every time, I swear there will be no more, since the pain of losing one is so bad, but I never stick to that!

Thanks for all of your kind works and understanding!

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