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Getting to KNow You - Tuesday, July 14


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Guest Windsongs


Now my treatments have settled down and I cannot work or rather commit to a part time job even so I have taken up baking and cooking. My hubby is reaping the benefits and I am loving the eating part. :(

My latest crazy adventure was brining a forty pound turkey for 24 hours then cooking it (stuffed with sausage stuffing) with ALL the trimmings last New Years Eve. It took 13 hours to cook and boy was it tender. My guests are still talking about it.

Gobble gobble! :)

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I don't know that I'm a natural at anything. But if I had to pick something that comes easy to me that I see others work towards I guess it would be tolerance/pacifism.

Other than being fr!(kn Pissed at and HATE HATE HATING Cancer, and a brief period of time where I was pretty mad at God for taking my Keith, I don't think I can remember a single time in my life where I was ever really angry at anyone. I've never had an arguement that included yelling. I was with my husband for 12 years, and the biggest arguement we had was a debate over whose turn it was to do the dishes. I've gotten mad at things but usually that disapates within minutes. I just naturally don't have the energy to maintain anger or grudges. I quickly accept people for who they are faults and all, realizing that I too have equal faults.

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