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What about other causes?


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It just occured to me to mention this. In all of the talk about getting congress and the media to pay more attention to lung cancer one thing has been missing. We all know that smoking can contribute to lung cancer. We also know that there have to be other causes. I think that once researchers linked smoking to lung cancer they quit looking for other causes. In almost any disease the only way to find a cure or sound treatments is by knowing the CAUSE. Research into other causes of lung cancer needs to be done. We need to make a point out of that topic.

I have lost 2 people that I have loved to lung cancer. Yes they both smoked but what if smoking was NOT the only reason they got lung cancer? No one will ever know. Yes we can all agree how bad smoking is for us but we also need to realize that another cause can go hand in hand with smoking.. How will they ever make any progress if they don't start trying to find ALL causes not just smoking?

What really worries me is that Pharmasuticals are one if not the major industry in the world. They make billions of dollars and I believe they also get grant money to do research on cancer (I may be wrong about that). My point is that if they are not forced why would they want to find a cure? Even if what they find has a huge price tag it will never compare to what they are making now. If you have trouble thinking of it that way just look at the oil industry. How many cars do you see that get 60 miles to a gallon or do not run on gasoline? I am sure that they have been invented but if put on the market the oil industry would suffer and our need to police the world would take a major hit too. Money talks and people listen now it is time for us to talk and make someone listen. People and their lives are more important.

In the next letter writing effort why not mention that we want, no we demand more research into the other causes of lung cancer?

By the way I need to mention that my sons make their living from the oil industry. My views are not because I have a personal battle with the oil companies.


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There is a bill in the Wisconsin State Legislature addressing Radon. The purpose of the bill is to ensure that new homes and second homes are clear of Radon before the home is purchased. The bill will require a Radon Report and Findings be filed with the State prior to the closing. This report must be made available to bothe the seller and buyer. The seller is responsible for all corrective measures, if necessary.

One of the women in our group at the University of Wisconsin Comprehensive Cancer Center has Stage III NSCLC do to documented radon exposure. She has never smoked. When she was diagnosed with lung cancer, her oncologist suggested that they have their house checked for radon. The readings, in their basement were far above the acceptable levels. They have lived in the house for 14 years and, unfortunately, they have no recouse because it may have been a gradual seepage caused by the natural expansion of joints and seams in their house.

There is a long list, of which I am trying to find, which includes all the possible risks associated with lung cancer. I will continue searching for that list and as soon as I find it, I will post the list or the link to the list.

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