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"Caren" & "Cat127" 300 posts WOW!


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Wanted to take a minute to recognize both of these members!


Cat 127 joined LCSC Oct. 23, 2007 and now has 308 posts!! She has been a wonderful advocate and support for her sister who is a lung cancer survivor. Cat also has been a great source of encouragement and support to all of us here! Congrations!! Here's to many more posts!!

Caren joined LCSC Aug 22, 2008 and is very close to 300 posts!! Almost there Caren!! She lost her dad in May and she continues to be a supportive and encouraging friend to us all. Thank you for continuing to be here!! Here's to many more posts!

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I have been known to be a little verbose. :)

Katie - I love your new avatar. I think I've mentioned before that our family and friends all wear bracelets for Kelly that say "Expect Miracles" on them. And so far, so good. In fact, that's what is on the head of my late great kitty Bailey in my avatar.

As all feel, I wish I had no need to be here. But I'm so very glad I found you all and hope that I have given back a tenth of what you all have given me and my sister!

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Awe thanks, Katie :D

I like to come and see how others are doing and also to offer my support. I never really have much advice to give because my dad didn't undergo very many treatments.

It's my turn now to be a shoulder for others to lean on in their hour of need, the same way in which you were all here for me.

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A big congratulations and thanks to both of you girls for supporting so many of us along with your own loved one. You are both so special and I hope you know what you do is so appreciated. Now keep posting so we can congratulate on......say......3000 or so!!!


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Ypu girls have been a major presence on there. Thank you so much for all the support you give of yourselves to help others while you have your own crosses to bear.


Maryanne :wink:

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