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ROLL CALL - Everyone Please Read and Post


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It's been quite some time since we've done a roll call. We have several new members that might like to know who we are, where we live and what we do for fun.

I'll start

My name is Ann and I live on the Space Coast of Florida. I have a hubby, 3 adult sons, two sweet daughter-in-laws and two beautiful grandchildren. I have 3 dogs, 4 cats and 1 parrot. I lost Dennis, the love of my life, to sclc in December of 2002 and became active with this message board when he was diagnosed. I work full time as an office manager and in my spare time I love riding our Harley, crafting, reading, cooking and volunteering for various groups.

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My name is Muriel and I'm a 6 year survivor. I live in a suburb of Orlando, FL. I have a recently retired husband and three adult sons - living in Chicago, Minneapolis, and NYC. We have a 7 and a half year old Golden Retriever and recently lost our 13 year old Labrador Retriever. I retired in 2000, when we were living in northern VA. In June 2003 I was diagnosed with NSCLC (dx = IB) and had surgery (URL) and chemo. Eighteen months later, another tumor was found in the other lung (ULL) and I did the surgery/chemo thing again. The 2nd tumor was considered another primary.


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My name is Carleen and I am from Mukwonago Wisconsin. I lost my soul mate and love of my life Keith June 29th, 2006. I thought my life had ended too, but God had other plans and reconnected me to a childhood friend of Keith's who had been distant for a few years prior. Now I am recently remarried to Michael, and just this past month became a foster parent to two wonderful kids, 6 yrs and 7 mos. I know they are only placed with us for about the next year, and my heart will be completely broken again when they leave, but I am filled with love for them now and am enjoying every second of it.

I have two dogs, a doberman lab mix who is 13 and I am very afraid will leave us before too long, and a 4 yr old doberman who is just a crazy bundle of nerves and energy. But I love my family, every member new and old. The one great thing I've learned in the past few years is that the hearts capacity for love is limitless, and there are so many different types and qualities of love that can't be imagined. God is good.

I work as a finance auditor, and in my spare time I.... who am I kidding, I don't have spare time.... but if I did I would love to do sculpture, painting, drawing, traveling or just relaxing with a good book.

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Randy age 45 going on 25!!!! Just kidding. Married to a great woman who passed at age 49 from NSCLC. Fought for almost 3 years. I have been here so Long I dont even remember when I started coming here. i know i was looking for info and have not left since then.

No kids, 2 great parents and a sister with a rental family. She swears she is gonna send her 2 down her some day to get rid of them.... and 2 wonderful parents. ALso my bestest Pal Mocha my 5 year old shephard mix.

Can find me hanging with my scikotic friends when I am not here!! No they arent crazy they are a international car club and wonderful people who help my social being!!!

Been a caregiver survivor for almost 4 years now!!!! and a member for 6 years!! :wink::lol::):shock::P8):o

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My name is Lynn. My husband passed away last year from sclc.

Our son is 15. He is known as "Creature Boy", so we have several pets. I have a yorkie. His name is Suburban - big name for a little dog - it's a long story. :wink: Nick has a boxer. He's white, so his name is Casper, of course. We have a feral rescue kitten named Lil' Smoky. We should have named him Shredder, though. He gets pretty vicious at times. :roll: And last but not least, Nick has an albino red rat snake. It's quite pretty, sort of a peachy/pink color.

We live in Space City, USA. I work in ministry. I'm the Finance Director at a Christian school and a Sunday School teacher.

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My name is Ginny - didn't get that from my sign on - duh. I live just outside Philadelphia PA and have lived within 15 miles of here all my life - pretty dull. I have 2 grown children, Sean and Devin and 6 cute, smart, funny grandchildren, 4 boys and 2 girls.

I actually joined her in Jan 2003 but my first sign on got lost in cyber space. My wonderful, loving, handsome husband died in Aug 2004 of NSCLC after a valiant 23 month fight. He was dx'd after having a seizure on 9/21/02, the day after we returned from 15 days in Italy. It was stage IV from the get go.

Earl and I owned a computer consulting company which I closed after Earl died. I now work 2 days a week as a bookkeeper for a small mfg. company.

I have become obsessed (and that is the mild word) with golf. I started playing at age 62 so you pretty well know my game is not tour worthy. Weather permitting I play Sun, Mon, Thurs and Fri. So you see while I still work in retirement.

I love to read, knit and I am, unfortunately, a reality show freak, especially the dancing shows.

I have no reason to be hear other than my compassion for all who suffer with LC and a need to bring awareness of this dreadful disease and increase funding. I also feel I have made many friends here.

But what I want to know is "Where the heck is Space City USA?"

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I'm Judy and I live in Key West (duh ala Ginny). I retired my counseling office nine months before I found out I had cancer in 2007. My husband and I spend a lot of time in our RV running back and forth to MDACC for treatments. The only good thing about it is we see our kids and grandkids David (wife and boys ages 5 and 8) and Wendy (Dominick age 10) much more often now. Dave's in Oviedo FL and Wendy's in Port St Lucie FL.

My husband is semi-retired and when he finds a way to be able to afford just vacationing in this moving home, he'll probably retire completely. In the meantime, I'm vagabonding around the northeast with him this summer while he works. His work is heavily concentrated in the summer months and the holidays. You'll find me here most every day because I've made such good friends. Also, the extensive traveling means I have no life LOL.

Judy in Key West

P.S. Ann this is fun ever for those of us who've been around awhile.

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Hi, I'm John...That's not as obvious in my login:) I'm 33, which makes me WAY older than I act or feel. I joined here I don't know when...sometime in 2007 i'm sure, after lurking for a very long time. My wife was dx with stageIV nsclc in October of 2006, and has been fighting the fight ever since. We have one son, Jack, who will be 5 in October. He is the light of our lives, and he is my mini me...that's him in the Guiness barrel, not me...Although, I did drink the barrel before I put him in it.

I am a degenerate golfer, which means that I don't leave the course in the summer time, and am there 2 days a week playing in the winter as long as there isn't snow. For example, with Col and Jack leaving for the shore, I will play 36 holes Saturday and 36 holes on Sunday. I am better than Ginny D at golf. I took up ice hockey a year and a half ago, and I love it. Jack came to see me play one time, so guess what he's doing now...You guessed it, he's playing as well. You want to see the funniest cutest thing ever, come watch a bunch of 4 year olds play hockey. I also try to get Jack to the golf course with me once a week...see he really is a mini me.

Col has been through so much througout her battle, and I admire her strength, courage and dignity. She has handled this with more strength and grace than I could even come close to. To date, the only mistake she has ever made in her life was marrying me. But heah we've all made at least one mistake in our lives...well everyone but me:)

Right now as most of you know, our little cruise through Tarceva which lasted about two years has come to a halt, and we're gearing up for more chemo again. A dare we kinda knew would come, feared would come, and yet we're still not really ready to deal with.

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My name is Linda and I am a 3 year survivor. I am 48 and happily married to my best friend and the love of my life, Travis. We have two children - Brad, 14 and Stephanie 13, along with two dogs and two cats. We live on an acreage in a small Alberta town. I do accounting for our business, work part-time at a bank and volunteer at my kids school (summer holidays yeah!)

We LOVE to camp - in fact, we just bought a toyhauler and are headed away for two glorious weeks vacation. Sun, sand, quadding, wine - what could be better (not neccesarily in that order!). I also love to read and attend my kids activities - whatever they may be. Oh yes, and love to sleep - although I don't get much of it!!!


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My name is Sandra. I have a wonderful family, a loving husband and 2 wonderful children, 1 of each, ages 13 and 14. I live in beautiful Victoria, BC which is one of the most awesome places to live and raise a family.

I was diagnosed in Sept 2007 so have been on my LC journey for almost 2years. I worked full time as a senior financial executive until I was diagnosed. I went back to work for a bit a few times because I just loved my job. But since January 2009 my health has prevented me from working. Instead I spend my time at home with my family. I enjoy going to all my kids activities and having lots of friends around the house.

I am here often and have found this site to be most helpful in my journey. I have also made many good friends on this site.

Welcome to everyone here, lurkers and all. Please drop in here and tell us more about yourself.


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Well you know my name by my sign on. I have been married to Gary, my high school sweetheart and love of my life, for 42 years. We have 3 adult children and 3 grandchildren. I work part time (which keeps me from posting as often as I'd like) recruiting people for clinical research studies.

Since my diagnosis and surgery in 2007 I have made my health a priority. My goal is to do 30 minutes of yoga each morning, walk 30 minutes 5 days a week and also do ball and band excercies and hand weights. I have been pretty good at not making excuses and keeping my goal.

For fun we have a 18 foot sailboat and take weekend trips to see our daughter & family in western NY. I am also on the organizing committee for the Metro Detroit Lung Cancer Walk for LUNGevity. I am learning a lot about fundraising.

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Most of the people who have been here for awhile know me. I divorced my husband of 41 yeas in 2002. Not long after I was reunited with my first love Johnny. We had met when I was a teenager and our romance was ended suddenly by a distant member of my family.

Johnny and I had been together only 2 days when I had to call 911. He had pneumonia and 3 days later was diagnosed with NSLC. He quickly improved and we were certain he would beat the cancer. When a nurse told him that would never happen no matter how good he was doing it was the beginning of the end. First panic attacks and anxiety attacks that were never addressed by his doctors no matter how hard I tried. I lost him the love of my life after only 5 months together.

I believe that along with being overdosed with morphine and vicodin, his main cause of death, that taking away hope started his downhill slide. I first came here because I was so angry and wanted to tell my story. I stayed because I found so many wonderful people who understood my pain.

I have had a hard time sense Johnny's death but I have come to a place in life where I am content. I retired from caregiving 2 and a half years ago and moved into a senior apartment. Finances have been hard until I turned 65 and was able to get Medicare and other financial help.

I travel to Louisiana once a year to spend a month or two with my children and grand children. I live in Redding California and don't have any plans on moving unless I become unable to travel.

My days are so full that I dont come here as often as I would like to. I do a lot of work for charity and my neighbors. I crochet winter scarves for the homeless mission and for the womens refuge. I also take part in a program that makes plastic canvas tissue toppers for hospice and meals on wheels. Last year I took over our recycle program that raises money for our bingo prizes. Sense I moved here I have more or less became the neighbor hood cook Whenever we have an event or whenever the mood strikes me to bake something.

I recently had to lay my car up for awhile until I can save the money for some repair work and smog inspection as well as license. So now I ride the bus. That does serve to get me out of the house once in a while. I also attend our fitness class twice a week and when our instructor is not her I lead the class.

Needless to say I don't have much spare time but when I do I like to cook, read, write and play word games that get my mind working. I also spend a lot of time on myspace with my family sharing pictures and other things. I try to come here and read at least a couple of times a week but seldom take the time to post anymore. When I do I often feel like an interloper because I don't spent more time than I do.

Someday I will take the time to learn how to post pictures and then you will see my precious great grandbabies and all of my family as well as some of my projects.

Oh well this is too long again. Now you see why I don't post often, I am not a person of few words :oops:

Oh yes it was 103 at 8pm but humidity was under 10% :!:

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I'm Bud, and I live in Arlington, Texas, with my wife, Rose. We have three grown children, and two grandchildren. I work full time, as a maintenance technician, repairing CNC machine shop machinery. I am still cancer free, 19 months after my lung surgery. Rose is currently battling stage III breast cancer.

For many years, my main hobby was tournament bass fishing. I still enjoy fishing, but my main hobby these days is riding a bicycle. I average 130 miles a week. I do a lot of 200k (125 to 135 mile) rides, and try to get in one or two 300k (190 to 200 mile) rides every year. I've done 200k rides each of the past three Saturdays, two of them in 100+ degree heat.

I also run the rbent (Recumbent Bike Enthusiasts of North Texas) online forum. My riding friends from that group are a great bunch, and offered a lot of encouragement when I was trying to recover from surgery and chemo to return to my long distance riding.

Lung cancer and its treatments are so debilitating that there seem to be very few survivors around who are athletes. I don't know how long I can remain one, but for now, I'm around to show people it can be done.

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My name is Becky and I'm a six year survivor of stage IIIa nsclc. My latest milestone was reaching my 40th birthday last October. I went back to work full time after my treatment and was just laid off in January after nine years with the company.

My son, who was finishing elementary school when I was diagnosed, begins his senior year in high school in the fall. Unlike some of my peers, I embrace feeling "old" because I never thought I'd see 35, let alone 40! Wrinkles, now, are not to be celebrated...lol

I have been a member of this board forever, it seems. I used to post a lot more often then I do now, but I used to have more pertinent information, updates on my treatment plan, etc. I find that I can't leave completely, but haven't been able to engage fully due to all the turmoil in my own life at this time. I do pop in every now and then, though.

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My name is Will. I'm not sure why me, but it seems I'm one of the lucky ones. I was raised in country Mississippi and live in suburban Louisiana. I like to think my self imposed refinement captures the best of both those worlds. I'm a very active Paw Paw, handyman, DIYer, Paramedic, Firefighter, Offshore Industrial Safety Advisor, and champion survivor of stage IV NSCLC.

Diagnosed in March 2007, chemo, life saving medical mistake, surgeries, and more chemo, polished off with a year of Tarceva and Avastin therapies, re-insert me into the hustle of life.

I drop in to Lungevity pretty regular, but more often than not, have a cinderella head to glue back on, transformer battery to change, or shelf to hang that seems to take priority over sharing my drivvel. Today, as it seems always, I'm behind schedule on getting chores done. You can always get my attention with a PM. I'll always respond.


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Hi as my sign on says my name is Donny. Be 56 in a couple weeks and I feel I am the most blessed person alive. Diagnosed with NSCLC in 1/08 because I was in a lot of pain and went to the emergency room thinking I was having a stroke. Terrible pain in my shoulder, neck, head and down my arm. No idea what the pain was but due to my blood pressure and some heart history they took a routine exray, voila, spot on my lung. I figger God must have wanted to get my attention.

I been married 3 times now and have a wonderful new wife named Mary, Aug. 29th is our 1 yr anniversary, yep she married me even with half of one lung ripped out. A few weeks ago was labeled NED.

Been playing guitar since I was nine yrs old and have been told i am rather good but i really have a hard time with accepting it cause I always compare myself to people who are able to do more.

Started smoking about the time I started playing guitar and was pretty much a chain smoker for 30 yrs or so. Also drank like a fish and did drugs like I grew up in the 60s, (I did). 1987 I wanted to die cuz I had ruined my life so completely. Quit drinking and using drugs and , Voila, life slowly got better. Haven't started either again yet. Also decided at that time to quit smoking, and began serious attempts at quitting, finally stopped that in 1999 what a monkee to try to shake. During my years of trying to quit smoking I tried everything, was hypnotized, joined smokers anonymous, did the patch, Zyban. smoke arrest, cold turkey, took up playing harmonica, started chewing gum, regular and nicotine, chewed toothpicks, finally tried the nicotine inhaler and figgered out my biggest addiction was putting it in my mouth and going through the motions. Was smoking 3 packs a day when I stopped and all of a sudden it was easy.

Sorry to rant so long, I knew I shouldn't start posting this cuz I tend to build pianos when asked where middle C is. Anyway this is me in a nutshell and I do mean nutshell.

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Most of you don't know me anymore, lots of things kept me busy for a while and now my knowledge of sclc is out of date - a wonderful problem to have I might add.

I'm 62 and have been lc free for 7 years, my tx for small cell was very successful and Richard (my husband of 39 years) and I were just starting to get everything lined up for his retirement when I was dx with breast cancer at age 60.

Surgery was successful but unfortunately the chemo did a number on my heart and left me with a leaky valve which caused congestive heart failure. Here we are just over a year later (and 40lbs of water lighter) and I'm finally getting back to a fairly normal life.

Since my lc dx I've travelled some more, my daughter got married, Rich(Dadstimeon) and I started the Boston lc walk which has raised almost $400K for LUNGevity, but the crowning glory of the whole 7 years is the birth of my grandson 4 months ago.

Lots of things to celebrate that some people doubted I'd ever do or see....but I'm still on the green side of the sod , which is where I intend to stay! Too many more things to see and do yet, my bucket list is by no means covered.

We now live 30 minutes west of Boston and literally one minute away from our daughter and her family. It's not as warm here as was going to be when we went back to Texas but we're where we need to be right now and life is just about as good as it can get. My breast onc has just given me another clean bill of health, only my lc onc and cardiologist to go!!

That's the Readers Digest version of my life, I've been blessed with a family and friends that have been more supportive that I could ever have believed possible. Life is good. :D:D


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Hi All,

My name is Dana and I'm 51 years old. I guess the biggest things about me is the fact that I'm a recovering alcoholic, I'll have 16 years this year. They caught my cancer last year on a total fluke, my allergies were driving me crazy and my allergist ordered and xray. You can read the rest in my signature. My Mom died this year which is still horrific. About a month after her death, which was my first b-day without Mom, I went out and bought a puppy. She is half golden retriever and half doberman. She looks like a little doberman but has the soul of a golden, happiest little thing I have ever seen. Best thing I could have done, she makes me laugh so much! That's her picture, she's not so little anymore, she's 8 months old and about 40 pounds. I named her Brin, which is actually a cheese. Why name my puppy after a cheese you may ask? Because I also have two cats, my 12 year old baby boy, Triscuit and my 10 year old little lady Ritz. So yes, I really did it, I named my pets after cheese and crackers! Brin doesn't understand why the cats won't play with her, they just hiss and growl, even after she brings them her favorite chew bone!

I work in the civil engineering field, I'm a CAD drafter, so I basically color and draw all day! It's a pretty cool job. You know when they tear up your streets? I'm the one that makes the drawings telling them what to do.

I have two older sisters, Deauna & Debbie. My oldest sister Deauna disappeared when she was 19 years old, never heard from her again. We tried to find her for years. Debbie and I haven't gotten on that well in the past, nothing too major, we are just totally differant. I've been married twice, which is cool, because it matches my number of divorces! I never had kids, just wasn't in the cards.

I still am struggling with working full time and trying to take care of myself and the kids (puppy & cats), so that's about all I can manage right now. I don't know if it's just lack of exercise or just still some hang over from the chemo, but I seem to be just tired all the time.

I am also a big reality tv junking, my Mom got me hooked! Love Hell's Kitchen, Project Runway, Biggest Loser, didn't really get into the Bachelor stuff or Big Brother, starting to burn out on Survivor too. How could I forget? I guess because I haven't done it for awhile. Major book reader, science fiction/fantasy. I like the books with magic and wizards and elves, going on quests to save the world! Maybe I should dig out some of my books!

So that's me.


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Hey Dana, congrats on the near 16, 22 1/2 for me so far. Have you read any books by Robert Aspirin, he has a series called the myth series, like mythnomers and mythconceptions, little myth marker. They are all about creatures who travel from dimension to dimension and are alot of puns and funny fiction. Fairly short easy reads but entertaining.


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I'm Susan and I live in Auburn, AL. I work as a Communication Specialist for a Healthcare Informatics company (e.g. we help state medicaid agencies figure out how to improve care and efficiency). I'm not married and don't have any children, but do have two nieces that I dote on. I love Auburn football (War Eagle!) and NC State Basketball. I live with a cat, Miss Finch, who is great company and good entertainment rolled into one.

My mom was diagnosed with Stage IV NSCLC 31 months ago. She has done well on treatment and has been able to enjoy extended periods of no treatment at all. We just found out that the cancer has spread to her other lung and that there is a small spot on her liver, so she started Alimta on Monday.

I've been on the LCSC board for about 2 1/2 years now and just went over 2,000 posts. In the beginning I never thought I'd be here that long, but I am very grateful for all of the advice, support, thoughts, prayers, and friendship from everyone on this board.


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