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Questions I should ask?


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My hubby has his first follow up with the onc on Monday. I'm making a list of questions but am hoping for advice from my friends here please? I'm afraid that I will end up leaving the appt and suddenly remembering something. Any suggestions other than the #1 When is the next scan?

Thanks everyone!

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Katie covered about all of it.

Let him know if your husband is taking any supplemental vitamins. Sometimes you can't with certain chemos.

Don't forget the notebook for your questions and to write down the responses.

Good luck

Maryanne :wink:

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It's a good idea to record the session with the oncologist. Tell him the terminology is still new to you and you want something reliable to refer back to later. He should understand — so far I've never heard of a doctor objecting. Or if you have one of those small digital recorders, heck, just turn it on and stick it in your purse.

Ask for copies of all the various reports: pathologists' reports of tissue samples, radiologists' reports of previous scans, etc. When you go for a new scan, ask the imaging tech for a CD of the session (should be ready a few minutes after the scan is complete). If it's the same imaging center where he got an earlier scan, ask for a CD of that one too. You may not be interested in viewing the images yourself (though I do), but they will be available in the future in case you take your husband somewhere for a second opinion.

As you mentioned, getting scheduled for the next scan will be one of your goals. But even now, the doc, by tapping and listening, should be able to determine whether the pleural effusion is continuing to reduce.


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