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Has anyone heard of this DCA?


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DCA is potentially the best new approach to cancer treatment in years, especially given its low cost. The Michelakis team shrank human cancer tumors in rats by 75% in just three weeks using a chemical that is already considered safe enough to use in the treatment of serious and fatal metabolic diseases.

DCA is cheap, costing about $1 to $2 a day (at a 10mg/kg dose). DCA is easily self-administered: dissolve DCA in water and drink it. For pets, DCA therapy can cost just pennies a day.

However, DCA is not patentable. No large company will pay hundreds of millions of dollars on a compound they cannot own.. We cannot expect the government to fund research to compete with private companies. DCA will not get FDA approval without massive political pressure. The FDA drug approval system, based on patents, has created a devastating gap in our health care system. We are paying the price for this in lives, pain and suffering and money. It is our hope that the readers of this site will support the use of DCA as an accepted mainstream treatment for cancer.


Talk with your doctor to see if this is an appropriate treatment for you. It is chemotherapy and although practically non-toxic compared to any standard accepted cancer treatments, we strongly encourage you to not self-medicate and to work with a physician. DCA use must be considered experimental.

Unfortunately, most doctors will not help you with DCA or any alternative care. There is severe professional pressure to comply with medical standards and simply no money in it for them.

This page, titled Chemotherapy Kickbacks and Drug Industry Manipulation gives a quick and hard look at the rebates, kickbacks and other ways that drug companies use to manipulate many doctors. You need to know that your oncologist is not necessarily working in YOUR best interest. We encourage you to find a doctor willing to help you with DCA and alternatives.

The risks of a DCA-based therapy are trivial compared to those of accepted cancer therapy. Radiation, chemotherapy and surgery all have major side effects. DCA may give the safest alternative to cutting, burning or poisoning our bodies.

Over 1500 people die every day from cancer in the United States alone. Millions die around the globe, and most of the people of the world cannot access or afford modern cancer therapy.

We were asked to pull our link to the University of Alberta DCA clinical trial donations website at the request of the legal counsel of the University of Alberta on March 22, 2007. If you want to help fund DCA research, you have to go find it yourself. This site is completely independent of the University of Alberta and has no affiliation with them at all.

Clinical Trials: In October of 2007 Health Canada gave approval for the University of Alberta to conduct clinical trials. The clinical studies are underway. The plan is to test DCA on 50 glioblastoma patients from the Edmonton area only .A description of these trials is at the ClinicalTrials.gov website. I received a great email describing clearly the trials and what may happen afterwards. Click here to read details and expectations of the clinical trials.

The fierce debate rages on over whether society should strictly follow a "proper" procedure (one that could take years) to approve DCA or allow terminal cancer patients to choose an alternative treatment, such as DCA, with the possibility of extending their lives. Will allowing terminal cancer patients to take DCA interfere with clinical trials? Should terminal cancer patients have the right to try to save their own lives?

When theDCAsite.com was started, there were no plans nor funding for DCA research and clinical trials and the general consensus was that DCA research and production would be abandoned. TheDCAsite.com was formed as an outreach to help cancer patients get information and share their stories. TheDCAsite.com supports a patient's right to live, to weigh their own options and the right to have access to their chosen treatment.

Just because a compound cannot be patented is not sufficient reason to deny us access to it. The FDA drug approval system is based on patents and profits. No drug company can be expected to pay the hundreds of millions of dollars to approve a compound that it cannot own. And we cannot expect the government to step in and pay, because it is unfair to private industry. This is a serious dilemma.

The health of the people are at odds with the interests of the cancer industry. DCA works, and it works as well or better than any approved cancer therapy. For about a dollar a day. The cancer industry will not want DCA approved.

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This topic has been discussed over at Dr. West's site as well as I had posed the same question regarding DCA as there was much excitement locally due to the fact that this was discovered at the University of Alberta. I can't remember the exact response he gave; however, if interested you can do a search there as well.


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