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Saturday's Air


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I'm going to duck in for an afternoon Air before I fall asleep at the keyboard. I've been MIA due to computer failure. Thanks goodness the laptop didn't die, just the power cord. Yesterday was a crappy, no, make that a no crappy crampy day and I just couldn't make it to town last evening. Went to bed early but was up at 4:48 am. Can you believe that? I had looked at the clock in the bedroom earlier and thought it said 6:30 when it must have been 4:30. In any event, I got to town early and purchased a universal power cord at Radio Shack. But then it was time to go for a hair appointment and then to friends for lunch.

I've been trying to catch up on the boards but Patti's news just knocked the stuffings out of me. Breaks my heart that she has to go through this radiation thing.

Time for my nap. Have a good afternoon and evening everyone.

Judy in Kutztown PA

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Glad you got the computer thing figured out Judy.

Kinda of a lazy day here. Haven't done much but babysit Myles while Viv went to work.

Then my mom just called a few minutes ago with news about one of my younger brothers. Kevin was up on a ladder at his friends house and feel off. He broke 2 vertabrea in his back and broke a 1" chunk out of his knee that he had previous surgery on when he was a teen. They repaired the knee again and he will be out of commision for a while. Not paraylzed though so that's a good thing.

Well I am off to go see Martha now.



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