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Morning All! It is a beautiful sunny but chilly morning here in Kutztown PA. Stan has the windows open and the fan going (he is a fan fanatic lol) so I had to put a sweater on. This campsite in Berks County PA, is on a mountain just outside of town. It is absolutely beautiful. You can look out (beyond the visible interstate) and see farmland for miles. The friends we visited yesterday live on a large pig farm nearby. The friends we are visiting today have a gorgeous house on about ten acres. They seem very remote but really not far off a main mountain road that leads right to town. They are even closer to major routes that go one way to Reading PA and the other to Allentown PA. We spent the last twelve years here before going to Key West and I always loved it.

I've given up on getting on top of the constipation issue this time. I'm damned if I take laxatives and damned if I don't--cramping either way. I'll wait this one out until the chemo has done it's thing. I promise myself to do it better next time. Famous last words!

I did a couple of posts but now have to actually work in the computer. We're meeting friends later and want to get responsibilities out of the way first.

Everyone have a wonderful last day of the weekend.

Judy in Kutztown PA

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Judy it just sounds fabulous where you are! Oh and did you have to remind us its the last day of the weekend? lol Just kidding doesnt matter to me I work all the time including every weekend so they don't mean much to me anymore. Well counting down 13 days til I leave for Alabama.

It is a beautiful day in Washington too. Going to be a hot one.

Well hope everyone has a great day!

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