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A poem from my mom

Nick C

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Apparently my mom wrote me a poem and sent it to her mother when I was in utero.

My grandmother sent it to me...thought I'd share it.

"Here is a little poem I wrote for my baby.

I know you're there,

We've just found out.

It seems you're all I think about!

Just like a dream, you're coming true

And all because I've prayed for you.

I dread to think how small you are,

And we have yet to go so far!

But I know we all start out that way,

And that you will be here someday.

So we'll just wait.

And you'll be so great.

Please don't be late.

We love you."

That was nice to get. I miss her.

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Ahhhh Nick I got tears reading that !!! That is just so swweet and it was wonderful of your Grandma to give it to you!!

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Oh Nick....that's so special !!! I know how much that has to mean to you. Your mom loved you so very much....and she's still showing it every day through little things like this sweet note.

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Your grandmother probably just came across this and the timing is right. A wonderful reminder of that special relationship you had from the very beginning and still have spiritually with your mom. An amazing gift.

Judy in Key West

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