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Getting to Know You - Tuesday, July 21


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Are you right or left handed ? If you're right handed, are you left or right eye dominate? For instance, if you're holding a gun out to shoot and you close one eye to aim, which eye do you close?

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I am right handed but left eye dominant. The reason being is that I am blind in my right eye. I like Judy haven't shot anyone in a long time but there are some I'd like too or at least maim. Does that count? :lol:


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OK...I'm right handed but am left eye dominant. I found this out several years ago when Dennis was taking me to the gun range to learn how to shoot. He thought this was weird but I never really thought too much about it until last night at cake class. I was having a really tough time holding an icing bag in my right hand and twirling this little nail thing counter clockwise in my left hand. For some reason, my left hand kept wanting to move in a clockwise direction. I guess I'm just strange, as no one else seemed to be having a problem.

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