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Morning All! "It's a new day" seems to be my themesong lately. We got up and on the road around 9 am yesterday and I was back to sleep probably by nine-thirty AM. I slept for several hours which is very uncharacteristic for me. I was back in bed by 8 pm or so and slept for more than ten hours. This morning my dear husband asked if I wanted my TG out. I hate to ask him to do it for one workout but I said yes. So worked out, took a shower, did some dishes, stowed stuff and now I'm done. Got a bit of headache and congestion but outside of that feeling o.k.

By the way, talking about sleeping, Donny where are you? I was missing for a couple of days and just realized, I haven't "seen" you since I've been back. Stay in touch, o.k. We worry about our members when they go MIA. That's why I try not to do it. pm me if you want. I'll let the site know you're o.k.

I'm really glad now that we timed our departure from Kutztown to allow for easy travel back to FL. It appears I was more worn out than I thought. It just didn't seem like we did that much. Oh well, it's a new normal.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in VA

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Good morning everyone! I'm so glad to see that Judy is headed south and back home to join the rest of us Floridians! I'm also glad to hear that you got some well needed and well deserved rest.

I'm in line right behind Judy to send out a big "Yoo-Hoo" for Donny. Or maybe a "Hey, Donny" would be louder. Come on out and play!!!

You would have all gotten such a kick out of seeing me in my cake decorating class last night. It would have been great if someone would have brought their video camera to class. I can tell you that someone could have won $10,000 on Funniest Videos for video of this class. Last night was the night that we made the famous Wilton roses. You know...the beautiful, big roses that you see on birthday cakes. Well....those work well when you're making them in a bakery or maybe even in your kitchen, but when you're sitting at a table in the middle of a Michael's crafts store with little room to move, it's tough. The bags of icing were getting warm from being in our hot little hands so long and the icing was getting really sloppy. People were dropping roses in the floor and it was just hilarious. My flowers were recognizable as roses but let's just say that a professional decorator would have laughed at my cake. I'll have to share a picture later. Funny thing, even after a long hot shower last night, I still have the faint smell of buttercream frosting on my skin....lol!!!

So, I hope everyone is having a "sweet" day today in your littel corner of the world.


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Ann, you may not take up cake decorating as a new profession, or maybe not even as a hobby lol, but you sure sound like you are having fun. I've been onsite for awhile and will be logging off (after I check out your other JFF post because after awhile reading makes me naseaus when I'm moving.

Judy in NC

Hey Randy, hi there!

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Beautiful day here in the heartland.Im getting ready to go out and clean some corn for supper. I used to hate shucking corn as a kid but now I find it relaxing.(I wonder where that word ever came from.shucking). I will be back later to turn the light out. Have a good one everyone.

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Back from my treatment and fully recovered from the Benadryl drowsies, which have been minimal since we cut the Benadryl dosage to half last month. That enables me to drive myself without causing the wife to worry. Pre-infusion blood test numbers were excellent, so I'm hoping for another easy cycle. I'll ramp up my bedtime senna dose tonight without waiting to see if I need it, as I'm sure I will.

Still need to trim a printing job in the big cutter, so see ya.


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