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New Plan-Update


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I'm back from a wonderful two week vacation in Sicily. We had a fabulous time inspite of the cancer. I hardly thought about while I was there and felt great.

Now that I'm back, my oncologist said the plan is I'm being referred to Sloan Kettering. Dr. Solomon (chief of Radiation or something similar) is going to discuss the possibility of Radiofrequency Ablasion. He has done the most of these in the northeast and it is his expertise. My apt. is next wednesday at noon. They wanted to see me tomorrow but I am fairly occupied this week.

I will also be seeing a surgeon there as well incase they choose that option (doubtful that I would agree to surgery after my last surgery)...but for haha's I'll talk to her.

Anyhow, I'll let you all know what that appointment is like.


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Glad Your home safe and sound and had a great trip!! I remember going to Sicily in the Navy Once!!! Miss that beautiful town!!! Glad there is a plan and will send up a prayer for a good Drs visit!!

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Lilly, So glad you had a wonderful trip. My mother's family is also from Sicily. I'm hoping to go to Italy next year and hadn't thought of limiting it to Sicily. It sounds more doable with limited energy.

Keep us posted on your next treatment plan. Certainly you'll be in good hands at Sloan.

Judy in Key West

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