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Deanne's Husband Jimmy.. Our UK friends!!!


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My Angel has gone

« Result #11 on Jul 9, 2009, 4:20pm »

My Sweet Darling Man lost his battle on Tuesday 7/07/09 just after 8pm. I was with him, he went peacefully in my arms. How I will ever get through my life without him I just don't know. Jimmy is my hero and he fought so hard. I love him with all my heart I feel so sad but I know he had to go. He was tired bless him. Funeral is on Tuesday as south shields Crematorium at 12:30pm

Night Night my sweet I love you so much.


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My Husband Jimmy diagnosed with NSCLC adenocarcinoma on the 27/4/06 fought to get Tarceva on the NHS & won. Has had 1st line chemo and radical radiotherapy. Jimmy is doing great. I am so very proud of him and love him with all of my heart. [image] LC charity Ball

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My condolences to Deanne on the loss of her dear husband. You can hear how much she loved him in her words. She recognized he was tired and had to go but I'm guessing that won't make the mourning less painful.

Judy in Key West

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I'm so sorry to read this. I've been thinking about Deanne and Jimmy a lot over the past few weeks as I've listened to the healthcare debate and recalled their fight to get Tarceva approved by NICE. Jimmy's fight and Deanne's passion will make a word of difference to many many present and future LC patients in England. God bless them both.


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I am troubled by the fact that with Jimmies death I believe her message board is dead also.... I left her a message and no response. The last post was July 26th and I think her board may also be dead which does trouble me. If i get a message I will relay it to you unless she posts here!

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