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Thursday's Air


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OMG, good afternoon everyone. I've been having no luck getting online at all. I've tried in the coach, in the car, in the Crown Club with no luck. A chance chat with another customer waiting for a coach repair did the trick. She reminded me to go through the Lazy Days site. Duh, someone told me that the last time I was here and I forgot! So here I am, better late than never.

The weather isn't so bad here in Seffner FL near Tampa. It's warm but I don't think they are experiencing the intense temps of a week or so ago. My trip to the Mall was a bust. If Macys doesn't have a petite department anymore and Waldenbooks doesn't have the book I wanted, I'm ready to leave. Actually, Stan and I timed it just perfectly. He was getting back in the car at Home Depot and heading back my way when I called. We've been married way to long LOL.

Hope everyone is having a great day. I know I am now that I'm online again. No internet service makes me very cranky. I was going to make Stan take me back to the Mall tomorrow because they had a free wireless zone with tables and chairs.

Judy in Seffner FL--Key West so near yet so far!

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I Hang out at Ben & Jerrys for free Wifi on the weekends..... Oh and there is that whole Ice cream thing they got going on also !!! :wink:

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Judy...so glad to hear you're now officially back in the rainy Sunshine State! Actually we haven't had any rain for two entire days now so I think the weather gods are planning a great homecoming for you. Sorry to hear you've had such a frustrating time getting online. Personally, I think you should have joined Randy at Ben & Jerry's. I'm sure he would have treated you to a humongous cone of Chunky Monkey, which happens to be my favorite. I always get so sticky when I go to Ben & Jerry's and I just don't see how Randy manages to keep his keyboard ice cream free.

Absolutely nothing new to report on here today. It has been one long, slow and boring day. I would rather work my behind off and make the day go by fast than to do hardly anything and have it drag. I'm going home and make a huge pot of meat sauce for a spaghetti dinner tomorrow night at our Legion Post. Most of the ladies work, so we're all going to make our sauce at home tonight and then just get there early enough to cook the pasta, toss the salad and toast the bread.

So, hope everyone is safe and happy in their little corner of the world!!!


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