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Mom is in so much pain!!


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She said all of her bones are in pain, she is weak, and hurts everywhere. The onco is out of the office until Monday. Her pain meds arent enough. So instead of a half she is taking a whole Lortab. She is on Ultraset too which the dr said is non narcotic.

Is this the chemo? She is on Carboplatin/Taxol once a week for 5 weeks minimum hoping for 6 weeks. She also is taking radiation (general) everyday for the next 7 weeks. I guess the chemo is making her this sick.

This is just the first week and its this bad? Is she going to be able to handle this? This is only the first week. Should it be this bad so soon?

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I am so sorry your mom is not doing well right now. Is there a doctor covering for her regular one that you could get to see her??

Also, if she is getting radiation to her bones, I know from experience when I had my hip radiated that in the beginning, it makes the pain worse. They had warned me about it and they were right!!!

Another thought - did she have to go in and get a Neulasta shot after her chemo??? Those can cause quite a bit of bone pain. I only had the bone pain after the first shot but it was really bad, but some people get it for several shots.

Hoping that your mom gets some relief. Please let us know.

Hugs - Patti B.

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