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Sunday's Air


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It looks like another sunny day in South Florida. Lately every day looks like the one before it. It makes walking difficult unless you do it very early or very late in the day.

My husband has requested a day without drama today. I was playing a game in the computer yesterday afternoon when I felt my vision being blocked in my right eye. It felt like it does when the discharge builds up as it has lately only worse. Of course I had to finish the level, then asked my husband to look and tell me what was going on. What was going on scared me all to hell. My eye was bleeding. My husband is the best you could want in medical emergencies. He tended to my eye and calmed me down. Don't know yet whether it was a broken blood vessel or if I rubbed it and scratched the eye or eyelid. In any event, the bleeding stopped and has not recurred. And please remember, I did have a doctor look at my eyes in Corning NY and say it was allergies and the script she gave me made them better. They just got worse when I came South. I will see an eye doctor if I ever get back home!

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Seffner FL

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Cheese Whiz Judy, no doubt that would scare the bejeesus out of me. I still think everything that goes on is basically rooted in the chemo/cancer somehow. Our bodie have a heck of a time adjusting to the poisons being run through us. Course the alternative is so much worse what choice do we have. Take care of you judy and thank God hubby is not a freaker-outter. I know I feel blessed everyday for the caring and understanding I have in my life from my family, friends, docs, etc. Have a whole day, part of it will be wonderful.


P.S. another sunny day in Wyo too. We get 50s in the early AM and 90s in the PM, it makes for a complete day weatherwise.

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Good morning Judy and Dahknee.

Yeah Judy that would definately of scared me too. Well I hope everyone has a great day I get to go work a full 8 hour day but I can't complain I will be in air conditioning. Well only five days till I leave for my trip. It is so exciting and nerve racking but I am sure things will go just fine.

Well all it is going to be about 92 here in Washington and I tell ya that is plenty warm for us. One of the warmest days yet. :shock:


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Judy I do hope your allergies get better,that has to be the pits. I know I have some allergies and some mornings I wake of rubbing my eyes. About once a month I rub a little to hard and break a blood vessel and walk around for about a week looking like someone poked it with a stick. I had a great Sunday,grandson and I went fishing,he did better than me again but that makes it that much better.Hes turning 13 next month and is changing so much. How I miss sometimes the way he always followed right behind me like a shawdow. We still spent some quality time together but not near as much. Ann posted a saying awhile back that went something like(Dont be sad that its over but smile because it happened). How many times I have thought of that since she posted it.

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