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Update from Germany

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Hi everyone-

Well I got the phone call that I had been dreading. Mom is still in Germany, I am in Chicago, and she has to go into the hospital. Her sister and her were on vacation on an island in the North Sea, and she had to leave early because the pain was too intense. It was a good thing that my aunt's son had just arrived there in order to spend some time with them. He brought them home. Mom called me instead of going to the hospital first, asking me what I thought, so I called her dr., and essentially he said the same thing that I did-go. The pain is from her heart (she has a serious case of atrial fibrillation), but it is also being caused from the new lesions in her lungs and liver. By the way she was weazing, I also think that there is probably more fluid in her lungs. They have to rule out an infection or pneumonia. I am so worried-especially since I am not there with her. If things get worse, I will be going back.....Just waiting for news-hopefully soon, but I am not sure how quickly they work over there.

Here is sending good thoughts to everyone else tho'.....

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Oh Kim I am sorry to see this about Mom! I know she just wants to relax and escape the cancer clutch for a while!!

Glad she got to the hospital and hope its nothing serious. Remember sometimes the hospital is best place to be to recover and get back to having fun in the holiday sun really fast!!!

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Thanks guys for all your prayers-they worked! :) It turns out that it wasn't as serious as we all expected. Long story short.....she was overmedicated. Her cardiologist had ok'd her taking a second pill when the fibrillation starts, not thinking that it would happen every day....so there was too much in her system, which was then causing the opposite effect. She is also on unnecessary pain meds, and of all things, she was dehydrated-which also could've contributed to her heart issues acting up.

The extra pain med she was taking was causing the abdominal distress-which caused her to think the cancer in her liver had increased.......and so on, and so on. Lesson learned-all of her care takers need to be a little more diligent-including myself.

This turn of events has also showed me how important it is to have a different set of eyes occassionally looking over things. The doctors she has are all wonderful people-but anyone can make mistakes.

Anyway-she is now drinking "tons" of water-while still enjoying the German beer- and she says she is feeling much better! :D Her voice sounds so much stronger too-the weazing in her voice that I heard on Sunday seems to have gone away. Yesterday was her 70th birthday :lol: , and she said it ended on a great note!

She is coming home on Saturday and says she wants to take me out for my birthday-which is Saturday as well-I laughed b/c it is wonderful to hear that she has that much energy!

Next week, she will start another research study that her oncologist is very excited about. The study is originating out of his office by us, and the meds are from the company Amgen. There are 2 drugs they are studying, and we have been assured that my mother will receive both of them. This is a phase I study, so we don't have too much information on how they will work, but the dr's have seen success with this combo in another type of cancer. Keep your fingers crossed-and I will keep you all updated.....

Sending positive energy and prayers to everyone!!!

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Thanks be to God! This is such a great update. I am so happy to hear that mom is feeling better, that her distress was not as serious as thought and in fact she now gets to decrease the amount of meds she's taking. That is wonderful. I know you must also be feeling so much relief and happiness. (((KIM))) YEAH!!!

Proof again that prayers do work! We'll keep them up for good things for your mom and for wild success with the new study.

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What good news! It's a relief, I am sure, for you to have Mom feeling better.

By the way, Happy Birthday, to you Kim. :D

Having your Mom near you will be a sweet gift for your birthday. Congrats, also, on your Mom's recent 70th.

Have a warm and loving reunion.


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Kim, thank goodness all is well with your mother in Germany. I still remember back in graduate school in the eighties, they warned about many senior problems being attributed to overmedication. It happens most often, I believe, when you start to have to go to different specialists. One doesn't often consider what the other is prescribing. Glad they sorted that out. You must be so relieved. Have a great bday celebration. Good luck with the study. Sounds like a great opportunity.

Judy in Key West.

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