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Morning All! First of all, Mike, we can relate to the situation with your grandson. Ours is almost eleven and usually out-fishes the old folk now. And we can see the time comi,ng when we'll see less of him. But maybe it won't seem so noticeable since we live five hours away. The big adjustment will be if he starts not wanting to come to the Keys unless he brings a friend. It could happen. I do like Ann's comment tho.

Am thinking now that in the RV, the satellite is interfering with the internet. I mostly can't get on at all. If I do it locks up soon after. And if I do or don't I have trouble ending the task and shutting down. It is extremely frustrating. We're back in the Crown Club this morning. Stan gets antsier than I so he went out twice yesterday--to do laundry and then to Walmart. I went nowhere. I was content to not get dressed and get ready to be out in the world. Missed spending time with you all so had to play games in the computer instead.

Have a great day everyone even tho it is Monday.

Judy STILL in Seffner FL

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Judy a pajama day sounds great. Well I might as well of had a newborn last night. It was so hot here that my daughter only slept about two and a half hours and my son maybe four or five. So of course they get bored being awake and mommy I am thirsty, mommy I have to go potty and then with my son abouty 330 his allergies went crazy. So here I sit at work AGAIN ready for a day off. Friday the day before I leave my husband took the day off and we are going to take kids fishing and swimming and to lunch and all that fun stuff I feel guilty leaving for eight days with out them. Also scared of flying so if the plane crashes down at least they will have a good last memory of me :shock: Alright suppose to be 99 degrees here today so I am counting my blessings about being at work. Well all have a fabulous day.


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For once in my life, I was really glad to get back to work this morning. Over the weekend, our A/C died and we couldn't find anyone to make a weekend service call. It was over 90 degrees and we had no A/C. I had every fan I could find running but it just didn't seem to be doing any good. So, yesterday I spent most of my day just watching TV in the bedroom so I could stay directly under the ceiling fan. Our A/C unit is getting up in years and I fully expect that we're going to be told that we need a new system. At this point, I just want cool air. The humidity was very high yesterday and that made the heat seem worse. Then, about 5:00 the thunderstorms came and did help to cool things down a bit.

We celebrated my youngest son's birthday on Saturday evening and I used the skills (ha!) that I had learned in cake decorating class to make his birthday cake. Actually, I have bought cakes at the grocery bakery that didn't look or taste as good, so I was pleased. I made a three layer cake, two layers of yellow and one layer of chocolate with strawberry filling between the layers. I use the Smucker's low sugar preserves for the filling and it was great. I made my whipped cream icing and decorated the cake in yellow and blue roses.

Judy... How is your eye today?

Hope everyone's little corner of the world is cooler than mine was over the weekend.


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Heidi, go to AL and don't feel guilty. I'm feeling for your son tho with the allergies. As far as the kids being up all night, can you day benydril LOL. Will, glad to see you're still working your way through that "to do" list. And Ann, poor you. Been there done that in the Keys on a weekend without AC. And Ann, that cake sounds just mouth-watering. I'll bet it was beautiful. The eyes are better but not all better. Putting ointment in them at night again keeps them from sticking together but not from swelling. The prescription drops the doc in NY gave me don't seem to be doing much now. Hey, I'm happy NO BLOOD!

Judy in Key West

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