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Getting to Know You - Tuesday, July 28


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I usually think off 7 as my lucky number. I'm not quite sure of the importance of than number. My oldest son was born on the 7th but I don't think that's my complete fascination with 7. My son was the only thing great that I can associate the number 7 with....but I still like the number.

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Wow...maybe we can put all of these "lucky" numbers together and win the lottery. Well....except for Donny's numbers....way too long!!! If we collectively won the lottery, we could buy Becky Snowflake one heck of a big blue bus to drive us all around in!!!

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Becky Snowflake has been playing her numbers and will not be sharing so there is no need to share the jackpot. Now, if Becky wins one of those bazillion dollar pots, we may just have to get a bus for touring all the walks, etc.!

Keep your fingers crossed, we'll get one of those super long buses with the cushy spot in the middle to get it around corners...

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