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Helo all just after all these last 3+ yrs thought i would check in and say howdy to all.Yes Katy it's been that long since sclc took my Wife and out of her loss i've became aware of Cancer so much more.Have a Girl that works for Walmart i know dealing with it and i feel our talks have made her stronger as i understood she was angry and refused to say anything about it but she knew me when my Wife was battling the desease and i feel that is partly why she now discusses it with me. I now have a Lady Friend whose husband died a few short months after my Wife with Sclc and she now is battling Breast Cancer. But to all who might read this don't give up and live every day as even those of us who do not knowingly have SCLC or other Cancers only have one real advantage and that we are not aware of what might be hiding it's ugly truth from us. So live with the Gift of life we all still have and pray for those even less fortunate...

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It's good to hear that you are living again. I'm glad you have a special someone in your life, and sorry to hear of her battle with cancer. It sounds like you are doing well, and that is wonderful.

Take care,


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Thanks snowflake and Katy so glad to hear back from you.But very sad to see so many new people with names i do not recognize. Lost a neighbor lady to LC but she refused treatment as she felt if all she had were a few weeks or months she preferred that over being sick all the time.She lasted and did quite well for over a yr and it was only the last month of her life that were not so good so maybe she chose correctly. It is still good to see there are long term survivors of this dreaded desease which always gives the one thing none of us must lose HOPE. Oh i forgot my neighbors cancer was stage 4 when learned.God Bless Katy and keep up your work..

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Hi Larry, welcome back.

I'm glad you chose to stop in and let us know you are doing ok, and that life is going on. I'm sorry cancer continues to stick it's ugly head in your life and remind you that it's still there. I understand how after going through this, it become much more obvious. I don't know if I was just blind to it before and now I see, or if things have gotten worse over the years. I've now lost 4 family members to cancer, and know so many others that have one form or another. Including many young people. it's just so sad. I can't wait until we find that cure that they've been promising us for the past decade.

I'm also glad you have a special lady friend. I know that Alyce is always in your heart, but it's good to know that affection and caring still continues on in your life. I've always thought that the heart has an amazing capacity to love. When we love more people, we don't deplete the love we had originally. It just keeps expanding.

I hope your days from here on out are filled with joy, laughter and love.

God Bless!

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