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i have a 3cm x 3 cm mass upper left lobe what to do next?


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Hi my name is Shirley and i am 72 years old

i was told yesterday i have a mass 3cm x 3cm in my upper left lobe

i go tomorrow to see the pulmanary doctor.

one of my vocal cords was paralysed so after being treated

for weeks for sinus infectious by my Gp then I went to ENT

after 3 scopes they decided to do a CT and this is what they found

so i am worried to death and scares I dont know what to do or ask next

thanks for being here


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This is the scariest time --when you get a message like that and do not know the extent or what it even is.

We are here for you no matter what the results are. Best case scenerio, it is an infection or something else. Worse case scenerio, it may be the dreaded disease. But please look at all posts on here and you see so many survivors. I remember planting my flower garden in 2000 and crying and thinking this is the last year i will be alive (after my Dr first told me and before tests ) and I am still here. Do you have family support?


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Hi, Shirley, welcome to the group! We can all understand your shock.

One of the main things the pulmonologist will want to find out is whether the mass is actually cancer, and if so, what specific type it is. This will be learned through some sort of biopsy so tissue samples can be examined under the microscope. Another question that needs answering at this point is whether there's evidence the cancer (if that's what it is) has spread beyond your left lung. With these two items of information, a treatment plan appropriate for your situation can be developed and implemented by an oncologist.

Although a diagnosis of lung cancer is scary and will change your life, you should know that there are many people on this site who were diagnosed several years ago and have gone through a variety of treatments and maybe some rough times but are still enjoying life and doing well. My cancer journey started 3 years ago at age 71, and you can read the details via the link below. Let us know how your appointment goes. Best wishes and Aloha,


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If you have someone to go to the doc with you, please do so. Great for support, but also so that someone else can remember whatever is being discussed. It's hard to take medical information in all at once. If you are going alone (or even with someone), take notes, ask questions, find out who to call if you have questions after you go home.

That said, I was one of those who was convinced that what they saw was just a hairball, until proved otherwise. Best not to jump to a conclusion until the docs have a chance to find out what you are dealing with.

Fingers crossed for you.

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Welcome Shirley. We all know this is a scary and anxious time. Please let us know how the visit goes with the Pulmonologist goes and if he plans more tests.

Donna G

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Dear Shirley,

That is also my Mother's name. As her primary caregiver on this road, I have felt so welcomed and comforted by the many kind people here.

As a 'newbie', I can't offer much in the way of advice, though I do believe that taking steps such as this to surround yourself with supportive people (even virtually) and seeking out all information available can have a powerful and positive affect on your attitude (which is SO important). I am hoping and praying for you not to have to battle the beast.

Hugs to you,


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Hi Shirley,

I just wanted to welcome you to the board, and say how sorry I am you've received this news. I know how scary and devastating it is. Your world feels like it spins out of control. We are here for you whenever you need some advice, or just a place to vent or laugh or share.

My only advice is to take it one day at a time. The next few days/weeks are the hardest until they get all the information together or what the mass is, if it's malignant what the pathology is, and what the plan is to do next. Once you have a treatment plan it does seem to get better because then you know. The fear of the unknown is replaced by a fighting spirit and the challenge of beating the crap out of whatever it is.

I wish you the absolute best, and hope that this mass is not as serious as I know you are fearing. I will keep you in prayers.

God Bless you,


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Welcome to the LCSC Shirley.

We hate that you have to be here but since you do, we are happy you found us. As you have already read, the time just after we learned there was "something there" and before we knew exactly what that something was and what could be done about it was the scariest time. It may seem that the whole process is moving slowly, but it typically takes a few weeks to get a concrete Dx and, if necessary, a treatment plan.

Even if it is confirmed to be cancer there are many treatments and lots of options. My 79 year-old mom is a 2 1/2 year survivor. While there have been setbacks along the way (she is experiencing one now), the treatments have heaped and she enjoys a good quality of life.

Let us know what you find out and remember that we will be here for you. The people on this board will understand your fears and frustrations and are happy to share our experiences and knowledge.


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We are here for you. We have "been there, done that," and care very much about your stresses and concerns as you journey down the path.

This time prior to knowing exactly what it is can be the worst time.

Once you know, you will either be relieved that it is something minor, or if it is something serious, that a plan will be in place to beat it.

We, those who have the disease, or are fighting alongside our loved ones, wish you the very best outcome.


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went to 1st visit with pulmanary dr.

he said it was not operable and the nerve to the volcal cord is dead

so my voice will not come back

we are having a lympnode biopsy on Friday

they tumor is to high and they think they can tell what kinda of cancer it is from the node becuase its easier to get to

then next friday a week scheduled for a pet scan

any other advice would be great

thanks for the warm welcome



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Shirley - even though I have had one surgery I am still waiting for work on another tumor on my left side so I understand the "scared" you are going thru. I am in Richmond, VA as well. Who are your doctors - if you would like to communicate in person send me a pm and I'll get you my phone number.


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