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Twenty Days...William B. Moreland


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Hello. I have obviously only posted here a couple of times. My father died on Monday only 20 days after being diagnosed with LC. I am in the process of writing his obituary and will post it here when I am done. I wanted to thank everyone for your support, kindness and information when we still thought he might be able to fight the cancer. Now that his battle has finished, I know I will be here more, unfortunately in the grieving section, probably. I am bereft without my daddy. I know I'll be okay, I know we all will, but right now the pain makes my chest feel as though it might explode at any moment. I need to write out the story of his death, and hope to post it here so others who understand what we've just gone through can share it with me. Sharing it helps, somehow. I was with him, holding his hand, telling him I adored him as he drew his last courageous breath. When I can handle it emotionally, I will write the whole story.

Here is the quote my stepmom and I are putting in his obit:

He lived an ordinary life, doing small things with great love.

I just can't find the words to express how very, very much I loved him. He was the most wonderful father I could've ever imagined. I guess I could blather on and on here about him and how my heart aches. I should stop for now.

Thanks for letting me share about his passing.

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That's a beautiful Epitaph by the way! My thoughts prayers and condolences to you and Your family. We are here whenever you need us for anything.

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Dear Lisa,

I am so sad for you and your family. My Mom was felled by this awful disease almost 26 years ago, 2 months from her dx. She would fit that line so well. I still miss her, but not with every fiber in my body. It takes time to grieve and heal - may you find much comfort in all those small acts, forgotten places, and in the love that surrounds you.

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Lisa I am so sorry for you loss. I'm a daddy's girl myself, so I can't imagine the pain you are feeling.

When my husband died, I thought that every breath and every heart beat I had must surely be fatal because they hurt so much that it was like you described, my chest would explode. And it did help to talk about it. It's strange but there is some comfort in telling their story. I used to say that he didn't get enough time to show the world how truly amazing and wonderful he was, so it was up to me to let as many people know as possible. And in time, the telling of him helped ease my pain, it kept my memories fresh, and now it gives me something to look back on relive those memories.

So if it helps, please come back and tell us a bit about your daddy. I'm sure he was a wonderful dad, and a good man for you to love him so much. Share some of your favorite memories.

I am keeping you and your family in prayers, and hope you find some peace and comfort in the days to come. God Bless you!

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Thank you so much. It helps more than I can say to be able to come here and read your words and know that I am not alone, and that people understand. I know right now I am just shocked at how quickly he died, with no time for good-byes or to prepare anything, but as the shock wears off the pain will come flooding back. I am going to share my story, I need to so much, but I warn you all-it will be long. My dad was a college professor who loved nothing more than to lecture and lecture and talk and talk, and I inherited that from him....... :lol:

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