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So...how bizarre is this one?!


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OK...so how bizarre is this one....

Dad had a sectional surgery today where they were able to get everything from the "spot" they detected on the CT but that didn't light up on the PET.

Once tested they found that it was actually a granuloma (an inflammation in cells that looks like a "spot" on an xray but really is more of a reaction to some kind of infection....that once further tested had a small, tiny, teensy, nodule of Small Cell Lung Cancer in it. Grrrr. It was so small that it probably wouldn't even show up on a PET anyway.

So...now we have to wait to talk to Oncology again, as we have to decide what to do next...are there teensy, tiny little SCLC cells all over? That, of course, is the biggest concern, but they did say that when they took the lymph nodes in the sectional (the most common way that SCLC metasticizes) they tested totally clear...that is a good sign.

When discussing whether this is considered "recurrent" the decision was made that it would probably be treated as a new cancer as there hadn't been anything in the last three years.

So, while we are so very lucky to have results today and to have successful surgery, we are just very worried that SCLC might be back.

Anyone have this before??? Or anything like it?

Blessings to you all,


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Ugh, Jen I saw your FB post, I can't believe in the problem area there was aany cancer...but wouldn't this be the most amazing blessing if this in fact the only cancer and it just happened to be taken out with this procedure.

I'm praying for that!!!

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Boy oh boy, that is definitely strange. I have no experience with anything like that, and haven't really heard of anything similar.

So, all I can add is my prayers and support. I'm praying like Nick said that the only cancer cells that were first formulating were the ones that just so happened to be removed by this surgery. Praying that your dad is now clean and clear again.

(((Jen))) (((Keith))) I'm sending you lots of love!

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Hi Jen,

As we know, there are no two cancer cases that are alike. I'm not sure anyone here can answer your questions. Guess you will have to see what doctors there finally conclude. Mike had a recurrence of his cancer after 3 years, but it was a recurrence. His was nsclc. Hopefully, your dad has doctors that you can trust and you will have to let them sort it out and give you the final diagnosis and treatment plan. Just know that my prayers continue for your dad and your family.



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