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As the Chemo Turns...

Bud Baker

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I had my 6 month CT scan on June 23rd, 18 months after my surgery, and finally today, had my follow up oncologist visit (long story). The results are........NED!

My wife had her second chemo for stage III breast cancer on Monday, and is still feeling puny (although she did go to work Wednesday, yesterday, and today). She felt bad for a week after the first round, but was back to her old self after that, had good blood work, and even did three bike rides before the second round. She doesn't seem to be feeling quite as bad after this second round, so hopefully she'll bounce back well next week.

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Wonderful news on you Bud! Congratulations on having a clear scan again. Keep on Keepin on! HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keeping Rose in my thoughts and prayers that all will be well for her soon too. She's s tough cookie and I have a feeling she'll be up and running around in no time. It's just not fun to have those puny days. Thank God they are short lived.

Have a wonderful day to you both!

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Hey Bud-

Congrats to you - keep up the great work.

Hoping for your wife to start feeling better real soon - I think she one tough cookie, kinda like someone else in that household - so I am sure she will bouncing back real soon!!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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