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asking for prayers this week


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Hello Friends,

Just asking for prayers this week. Remember I mentioned my father's shoulder pain? Well, xray showed nothing so we were glad and even rad onc said he didnt think it was a met so we were relieved. He had hurt his arm while on the radiation table so it was likely due to this. Well, the pain has been bad and he has a pain patch which is really helping. Soooo,,,, just to be sure, they will probably do a bone scan and you know how agonizing it is to wait for results. Tomorrow is his last day for WBR so they will be doing an MRI to check on the status of that as well. I dont have dates yet for these tests but if you could offer a small prayer for him, I know the power in that. He looks so good, and that cough is GONE so I know that was prayer at work.

You guys are in my nightly prayers as well. Thanks, everyone. God Bless each of you.

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Thank you, thank you my wondeful friends for your prayers. My father had his bone scan today and we go for the results (praying for no cancer!)on Monday. Next, he will have an MRI to check on the brain mets, praying they are gone! Then, he goes back for chemo, we see onc on 1/7 for that.

On Jan 16 we are going to a doctor/nutritionist who deals with alternative medicine. I will keep you all posted with that info too. Ive been reading Patrick Quillan's book "Beating Cancer with Nutrition" and there are some great success stories.

Im having computer problems, Im only on tonight because Im at my parent's house. Just know you are all prayed for every night and your prayers for my father mean the world to me. I miss the nightly support, hopefully it wont be for long.

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