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Collecting prayers for Mom's PET scan 8-4- UPDATED 8-7


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Tomorrow, Aug. 4th, my sister ( Bonnie-joneslady56) will take my mom for her PET Scan. We know she has the one tumor on the suture line from her last surgery , done Oct. 30th , 2008. Her needle biopsy a few weeks ago revealed adenocarcinoma. She now is jumping the hoops in hopes of being able to have cyberknife. We are praying that tomorrow's scan shows no other tumors . I'm not sure when she will get the results , but I know they will be available at least by the next day. My family and I ask that you please , please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. We need this so that she may proceed with her cyberknife plans. Thank you all for your support , we love you.



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Just heard from my sister, Bonnie /joneslady56, a little while ago and they got the results of mom's PET scan. Unfortunately, it is not what we wanted to hear . It seems that there are two areas that lit up and are suspicious for malignancy, but we won't know until they are further investigated and confirmed. One area is in the bone in her back and another is a lymph node in her neck. So the plan so far is as follows..

A MRI of her back will be done on Aug 13th ....

They will contact her pulmonary doc about possibly doing the lymph node biopsy in the neck

Follow up will be with the same doc on Aug 21st.

Cyberknife has to be put on the back burner for now. In the meantime, I understand the tumor has grown as well :-(

One day at a time folks.. one day at a time.. Thank you so very much for all your support . Your prayers mean so much to my mom and all of my family. Will keep you updated, as we get more information.

Love and Hugs,


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Hi Sue,

I have been waiting to hear your update and unfortunately, this is not what we had in mind.

Please tell your beautiful mom that she is in our prayers.

I know you will keep us updated.


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