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Monday's Air - For Judy


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I know that Judy is at MD Anderson today, so I thought I'd start up an "Air" post for her today, even if it's not early in the day.

Well, today is probably my least favorite day of the week, as I always find it hard to hear that terrible sound my alarm clock makes on Monday morning, after being silenced for two mornings in a row. It's now 2:30 and I guess I can sigh a bit, knowing that the work day will soon be over.

We have actually gone the entire weekend without any rain. I do believe the great state of Florida is welcoming Judy home with lots of sunny skies......and temperatures so hot you could grill a thick steak on the hood of your car!!!

Someone mentioned today that it's only 145 days until Christmas. Can you believe that??? Time is flying by way too fast. It seems that Christmas 2008 was no more that two...maybe three...months ago. Wow...I hope things slow down a little, as I'm just not ready for all of the holiday hustle-bustle so soon.

Hope everything is cool, calm and collected in your little corner of the world.


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Hi Ann, we have a real mix-up going on. I may be a moderator but have no skills to fix anything. I opened the air this morning before going to the hospital. When I went to look for it this afternoon, it wasn't there. There was a new post on my Sunday Air and when I went to read it, there it was with the Mondy Air subject line and all following Sunday. LOL I said at least I knew I wasn't crazy. I was sure I'd opened Monday. Now we have your Monday and several posts following my Monday that you get to thru Sunday. Follow me????? LOL

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We've had rain every day but one, I think.

Judy, I saw what had happened. No big deal. Remember that the only rule for AIR is enjoyment. What title it carries or carries over, doesn't matter. I haven't a clue about your blood counts. Glad you've got the treatment behind you.

Ann, it's funny that you mention someone counting down to Christmas. I thought my wife was the only person that started that early. Along about, I dunno, December 27th, she'll start counting down the days till next Christmas.

I should've been welding on the frame for the pool cover today but I woke up with a crick in my neck and that's really not conducive to good welds on thin walled tubulars. So I've basically wasted the day...

Hope everyone has a great evening.

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In is evening here now. What a day I have had. I decided instead of hitching a ride with a neighbor I would do everything by bus today sense for the second day in a row our temperature is below 100. We had more that 20 days of 100+ temperatures and most of those were 110 or near.

Anyway I made it to the grocery and found myself running to catch the next bus so I forgot a few things. They will wait for another day. I could have walked and caught the bus coming straight back home but I didn't want to exert myself in the smoke from a fire that was burning in the hills west of here. So I rode on bus got off and crossed the street and took the other bus. I was gone about 3 hours. Store is only a mile or less from here.

Came home and put my cold things away. Took Misty out and caught the next bus to go have lunch. I wanted Chinese and a certain resturant. Well that meant two buses again and of coarse they didn't get the the mall at the same time so I had to wait a half hour for one then transfet. I had lunch and waited for the next bus. By the time I got back to the mall the smoke was gone but it was in the 90s and my back was hurting from riding so much. So instead of walking I waited for my bus and took it all the way around for 1 hour to get back to where I live a quarter of a mile away. All in all lunch took me 4 hours :!:

Well I wanted to get out of the house for a day and I succeeded in doing that. Until it gets cool enough to walk more I think I will settle for the fast food chinese at the mall if no one else is going :lol:

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