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Tuesday's Air


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Morning All. Well we got thru the Sunday/Monday/Monday Air day lol. The good news this morning is that in spite of all the steriods in the infusion and my evening steriod, I went to bed at nine and got up at 7 am. The bad news is Stan is already eating breakfast which means I have to get busy stowing for the next leg of the trip.

Yesterday turned out o.k. but we had a flat on the trailer that pulls my car. We were alerted that we were losing rubber by a passing vehicle so we got off the road as soon as it was safe. I went out and helped. I can only do little things but I hate to see him out there in the heat while I'm sitting here in the coach. We have enough "princess" stories being told about me that aren't all even true. My family loves crazy mom stories.

Well got to go so we can get on the road and pick Dominick up. Whooppee then home we go. Will I be ready to leave again Aug 23? I hope so because I have to go to Orlando and then to Jersey for another month. Oh my.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy almost home

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Here in Palm Bay, we had one heck of a thunderstorm last night. I had a city meeting and these huge raindrops were just beginning to fall as I walked to my car. The storm came so fast and there was so much rain and wind that driving home was a real challenge. According to last night's news, there are about a kazillion tropical waves hanging out in the Atlantic right now. So, although hurricane season has been here for a couple of months already, it looks like we're now in the thick of it.

Things in my office have been a bit slow lately and with this economy, slow isn't good. I'm just saying prayers that things will pick up and the job situation will remain stable. I had to run an errand yesterday and passed by our local job link office. The parking lot was overflowing and there were people lined up outside, waiting to get in. Everything you hear on the nightly news about unemployment can't bring the message home like seeing it for yourself. We have one guy just north of here that sits up on the sidewalk every morning and gives away free coffee and donuts to anyone that will take his resume.

Judy, I'm glad you caught the tire problem before it caused you problems. So very nice of the people to warn you about it. I can only imagine how anxious you are to be home, if only for a few weeks.

Hope the "Air" is great in your little corner of the world today.


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Yes Judy people can really be nice sometimes. I remember when my husband and I had gone up to Maine with our camper. We were going through Massachucetts and a truck driver started honking his horn and pointing to the top of our camper. I think we got along side of him and he told us or pointed at our air conditioner. That was the first long trip we had taken with our new camper and the cover for the air conditioner was defective. It had come loose and was blowing around. We stopped and bought some duck tape and Denis got up there and fixed it. That got us home and saved us both money and a possible mishap had it flown off and hit someone.

I hope you are both doing well. What a day this has been. All day yesterday for groceries and to go eat lunch then today was really busy. I didn't have to ride the bus but wow. My neighbor took me to the farmer's market then we went to the mall and picked up the donuts for our monthly coffee and donuts. After coffee and donuts we had our fitness class. Isn't that good timing?

We had a real work out today. Someone donated a radio CD player and some CDs. One was some songs from the 60s. Well one of the songs was

The Twist. Last week we kind of played around with it then decided we would use that for our warm up. So today we all did the Twist. Our goal is for us to all make it through the whole thing but so far only one person did and she is the youngest our manager. I made it about three forths of the way through then had to rest but did finish it up. It was a lot of fun. Then we increases our routine to almost double. No more little stretches now we are working out. Added the rubber bands a couple of weeks ago. Tires is not a big enough word to express it.

Then I had to go buy our Bingo gifts and I had forgotten a few things at the grocery yesterday rushing to the bus and I still needed some things from Wall Mart. By the time we got home after 2 this afternoon I was ready to drop It's hell getting old :!:

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Oh Lily, I am definitely exhausted just listening to all you did. But would I have ever loved being there doing the twist with you. Don't know how long I would have made it through the song but would have enjoyed finding out!

Ann, sounds like the kinds of rains that sees me pulling over and waiting it out. I know what you're saying about the job situation. The state of the economy is obvious when you travel and see all the empty storefronts. I even went to a mall near SFU and only two major stores and the piercing pagoda were open at ten. The woman in Macy said Dillards didn't open until 11 am. I don't know about the others. What a shock it was.

Have a good evening everyone.

Judy FINALLY in Key West

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