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Wednesday's Air


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Morning All! Good morning, restful night's sleep, laxatives still working and pacing myself through getting what I need out of the coach. That's the big challenge especially the first night home. We're tired and a little cranky and need to unload food and night and early morning "stuff." That done, I went out this morning with my little yellow crate wagon and brought in more. I think we'll only be here about 11 days so you only want to bring in the essentials.

Stan's having breakfast and going for a haircut. He's very fussy and won't let just anyone on the road cut his hair, but he's been complaining enlessly about how long it's getting. It's a little curly Ann, and he doesn't like the flips it does LOL. I'm going to stay here close to the bathroom LOL and Dominick is already into his Nintendo DS. All I have to do is feed him and make sure he comes up for air often enough so his brain doesn't fry.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Key West

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Judy, I'm so glad your home, even if it's only for a few days. For some reason, I just don't pick up a "gypsy soul" in you...lol!

It's another hot summer day here on Florida's Space Coast. Of course, the rain will come later in the day, as it has been doing every day. But, I'm not complaining. As I have said many times here, I prefer to garb an umbrella (aka Florida lightning rod) that fight smoke and flames. I had to chuckle last weekend when my neighbor was trying to replace a section of his wooden privacy fence. He was all prepped to get the job done.....old fence down, new fence, new fence bought and delivered. When he started digging, he found that he hit water almost immediately because our water table is so high from all the rain we've been getting for the past couple of months. So, everything is on hold.

I have been having the time of my life after finding my BFF from high school days on Facebook. I have thought about her a million times and always hoped we would somehow reconnect. She was (and is) a wonderful friend and she definitely makes my heart smile!!! If any of you are on FB and see Emma Lynn give her a shout.

So, the week is approaching the half way point for me and you all know what that means.....it's getting neared to Friday....ny favorite day of the week.

Oh...I need a favor. My Ladies Auxiliary is having a Sock Hop next month to benefit St. Jude's. Anyone have any good ideas for activities we can do at the Sock Hop to raise more money??? Please,,,,I need your ideas!!!

So, hope everyone is peachy keen in your little corner of the world!!!


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Ann, how wonderful to see your lovely face. What a wonderful pic. We waited long enough for it.

I know how much you must be enjoying your reconnection. After seeing each other for years at reunions, a group of us women who went to HS together, some to kindergarten(!), reconnected in a special way. We started having pj parties every summer. This year will be 5 or 6--I lost count. It is a blast.

Stay dry. We're having occasional showers too but they blow through fast.

Judy in Key West

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