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Morning All! Looks like another muggy overcast day. But if it's like yesterday, the sun will break through and shine from time to time in Key West. Our rain showers have been intense but short-lived. Also typical for us.

First thing this morning, I need to say Heidi, I'm so sorry. Sounds like things went to hell in a handbasket in Alabama. Post or pm or call me (I think I gave you my phone number) and let me (or us if you want to make it public) know what happened. What a disappointment after all this build-up and anticipation. Just remember, you needed to find out what this man was all about. Maybe don't say too much to your parents in case he makes amends. They'll never forgive him for hurting you.

Hope you're charity event goes well Ann. And Donny, have fun playing at the Relay this afternoon.

Judy in Key West

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Good morning, Y'all !!! Wow, I think I'm having a Paula Deen morning , Y'all. Of course, I'm from Tennessee. I still say You All....just say it in two syllables now, rather that one. But Paula manages to really throw on the drawl and say "yaul." She sounds like she's talking about a UHaul truck and leaving out the letter "H." Now, how I got off on a Paula moment, I'll never know.

Judy, it sounds like your weather down in the beautiful Florida Keys is much the same as your neighbors to the north. We are very wet here. The ground is completely saturated with water. My grandaughter had her little sand bucket and shovel in the yard a couple of days ago and when she dug into some dirt, she actually hit water...lol! It's been this way for a while and I really am concerned about flooding if we get a major tropical system anytime soon.

Well, as you all know by now, it's my favorite day of the week. I love Friday's. There's just always something special in the air on Fridays, wherever you work. So, I'm on my Friday get-the-heck-out-of-here countdown! So, is anyone wants to count down to 3:00 with me, please feel free!!!

Nothing big happening this weekend. I may go with my friend to play bingo this afternoon. Not the greatest thing to do but it's cheap and the jackpots are big!!! Then tomorrow, we have officer installation at our American Legion Post. It's 100 degrees here, the installation is at 1:00, our building was built in 1929 and the A/C leaves a lot to be desired AND my uniform must weigh a ton.....and that's just the shirt. But, it will be nice. Tomorrow is DIL's birthday and son is taking her to dinner and a concert so we will be doing what we love most in the world....babysitting.

I hope all my friends have a wonderful Friday in their little corner of the world!!!

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Morning Y'all! I just found this topic. I am leaving to go meet Heidi in a few minutes. She is bringing her camera so there will be pics!

It's hot and muggy (aka typical August day in Alabama). Enjoying the last few days of being able to drive around town before the students come back next week.


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It's overcast and cool here in Northern California this morning but that will be changing soon. Two weeks ago we had record highs for some days. Yesterday we had a high temperature that was a record because it was so low, only in the 60s. It is supposed to be in the 80s today then back over 100 by the beginning of the week.

My neighbor and his young son went fishing at a friends private pond down in Merced. They brough back two quart bags of perch filets. He gave them to me with the understanding that I cook them for me and them. Last night I fried fish and made my apple cake. Needless to say it was a big success and my diet went out the window. I ate until I was stuffed then ate some more :oops:

Sat outside for a while last night then had to run in because of a passing sprinkle. About 2 minutes later it was passed and back ouside we all went. My butt got wet on the chair but like the cement it was dry within 10 minutes. I took the rest of the cake out and some of my neighbors came but most who had said they would stayed in. I guess it is because I live in senior housing that if it gets below ninty they all act like they will freeze to death :!:

Well I had better get dressed and take Misty out. I did something last night that I would never have done a few years ago. I left my dirty dishes. Now I have to get them done before our Fitness class at 10am. Tonight is our game night so I won't go to the movie in the park. I will take the rest of the cake down and plan on making ricekrispie treats and peanut butter cookies. I sure hope people show up because I don't need to eat much more of that myself or I will gain back what I lost so far.

Have a good day all.

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Another work week done. I am frustrated - got called a cynic! I think, perhaps, ironic or even sarcastic might have been appropriate, but cynic pushes my buttons. I never know what the name caller really means by it. I wish I was quick enough to respond "You say that like it is a bad thing."

On a brighter note, we are headed out to see Julie and Julia tonight - a late movie for me. Tomorrow, a soft opening dinner reservation at a new restaurant. Just pizza, but with great expectations. And Sunday - The Grace fundraiser! Somehow, I also hope to go see that Muppets exhibit, and a short visit to with my Dad. And a swim. That's a full weekend.

Have a good one all.

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