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Getting to Know You - Friday, August 7


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Let's see--be rude in general, blow you off (not answer when you say something that calls for a response) or say "huh or "what did you say" whenever I talk, try to butt ahead in line, repeat themselves over and over. I could go on forever. Sorry Ann, am in a negative head-set today LOL.

Judy in Key West

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This is an easy one. I hate it when someone is talking and someone talks over them and the person they were talking to goes to their conversation instead of asking that person to wait. I guess I am sensitive to this because my husband did it to me all of the time. It is just so rude. I don't do it but sometimes I feel like telling someone who does that to go to hell and then leave.

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The people I find most annoying are the ones that always think they know everything and think their way is always the right way. They are never open to suggestion, even if the new suggestion may make things easier of smoother. They are the ones that always dominate a conversation and never listed to other people. Can you tell that I have someone in particular that I'm talking about??? Yes...it's a man...lol! Not my hubby!!!

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The things that I find most annoying can generally be classified as being disrespectful and inconsiderate. I absolutely hate dealing with people that are ego-centric. This encompasses a lot of behavior. It's as Lily mentioned, people who talk over others, because usually they feel their thoughts are more important than what was being said, or they just don't care to listen. It's people who step right in front of you, or actually run right into you because they can't be aware enough of anyone else around them but themselves. It's people who talk so loudly and raucously in public places, because obviously no one else's enjoyment is as important as theirs. It's people who drive like idiots because they are in a hurry, never mind the other people they are screwing over in the process. It's people who say "what's on their mind" regardless of the feelings and opinions of the others around them.

What happened to empathy, what happened to respect for others, what happened to consideration in this society. I think we now live in the rudest, most selfish "me generation" ever. In most aspects of life I can see decisions made based off nothing more than "I want" and "feels good to me, or is right for me" not what is best for all, what is right, what is moral.

But even in the midst of this selfish society, I can't be a half glass empty person, because I still see some of the most beautiful people, the most selfless acts, the best of people. (a lot of them right here on this site).

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What drives me crazy is people coughing and sneezing all over the place. The office where I work is this guy on the other side of the cubical wall and he sniffs and snorts and coughs and hacks all day long. It gets so bad at times it comes close to kicking in my gag reflex! Yuck! Like the lady sneezing on the donuts! Why can't people use a kleenex or something to cover their coughs and sneezes? It is not only annoying, it's disgusting!!! :evil:


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Rude, discourteous people who think it's all about them. Those that stand in the middle of the aisles at the grocery store chatting with their friends, or the ones that run the aisles trying to run you over with the basket like they are running a race.

People who seem to think that I am really interested in hearing all bout their lives via overly loud cell conversations in inappropriate places.

And being the person I am, I have an extremely hard timekeeping my mouth shut and not saying something about how I know that their mothers raised them better, or something about how rude it is to do what they are doing, or some such other snarky remark while staring right at the offender/s.

That is one thing being diagnosed with cancer has done. I speak up more now and just do not have the tolerance for inconsiderate, discourteous people or the idiotic things they do.

My kids bought me a t-shirt that says


Can't Stand Idiots

I wear it alot when I go out.


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