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Closing in on 2 years


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Hi everyone, So sorry it has been so long since I have posted.... God has it really been almost a year. I guess I am guilty of throwing myself head-on into living every moment to the fullest. I will be celebrating 2 years survivorship at the end of the month and I just found out about a week ago that I am still cancer free that marks 11 months now.

When I was first diagnosed I didn't think I would make it this far, I put my life on hold and so did my oldest daughter. She was supposed to go away to school but because of my diagnosis she stayed home, well on the 1st of January she finally was able to live her dream and move to Las Vegas where she is going to school.

Life is good today, nothing like it was when I was first diagnosed, but the new norm that everyone is always talking about. I'm enjoying it to it's fullest. I've learned not to take things for granted, and truly believe that cancer is a word and not a sentence.

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babylove, you never need to apologize here for taking time off to live life. I'm waiting for another remission so I can do it. I couldn't be happier for your daughter. It must be such a joy to you to see her be able to go off and pick up her life. Congratulations to you both.

Judy in Key West

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WOW - what an inspirational story you have!!!! I am so thrilled for you and your entire family.

You go, girl and live your life and NEVER apologize to anyone for that - especially not us!!! So happy your daughter was able to go to Vegas - how wonderful that she put her life on hold to see you through this.

Wishing you continued good luck and please, check in once and a while!!!

Hugs - Patti B.

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