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Getting to Know You - Monday, August 10


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If you needed an operation, who would you rather have operate on you:

The Cast of ER

The Cast of Quincy

The Cast of Mash

Key factors.....cleanliness, bedside manner, ability to assess what went wrong afterwards

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Although my first reaction was to say ER....just because of George Clooney and those absolutely beautiful eyes....I would have to say MASH. I love MASH and I still fall asleep almost every night watching MASH reruns. Hawkeye would definitely be my surgeon of choice because of his wonderful humor and bedside manner. Of course, Alan Alda isn't hard on the eyes, either.

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That's a tough question, Ann. As I recall, Quincy was a Medical Examiner. So that cast would be my very, very last choice - and probably represent my last operation, too. The ER cast always seemed to be waiting for a critically needed OR and often performed surgery in the ER - not the best place. And then, not all of the MASH surgeons were actually trained as surgeons. Didn't Lt. Honnicut (sp?) return to his home to be a PCP. And, that cast's experience was with war injuries. Who knows how long it would take one of them to think about lung cancer. All in all, I didn't like him but I'd still take my Fairfax, VA surgeon over any of your choices.

Fun question.


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For expertise in finding out what was wrong, ER. To do the surgery definitely MASH. They are better in a pinch if something goes wrong on the table and thinking fast for a solution.

FYI: Alan Alda , I always loved just watching his facial expressions and such and I agree even now he is not hard to look at and yes Dr. Honnicutt (Mike Farrel the actors name) was a Surgeon, whether that was his primary before he got to the mash unit was never stated. (I'm sure you can tell I have watched more than my share of MASH and still love that show!) lol)


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This is easy for me. As I used to have persoanlized lic. plates which

said "MASH" on them, and a full sized picture of Alan Alda in his

army greens hanging in my dorm room. I have every season of MASH

on DVD, the Complete book of MASH, and a MASH trivia game

my answer is M*A*S*H :wink::roll::P

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