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In Honor of Randy Bailey 8-10-1954


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I don't post very often at all even though I still come here every day. This is one place I come to and remember Randy everyday.

It has been six years since he passed and I still think of him everyday. I know the kids still think of him often and Jake still asks about Papa every so often. We all still miss him.

Well today is his birthday and it marks the end of a long couple of days for us. He died on the 6th, my birthday was the 8th, and his is today. Will we ever forget, I don't think so.

We have many great memories that make us laugh and smile. He meant so much to us and so we still cry when it hits us like a ton of brick that he is gone from us. Today is one of those days. It still hurts to know he will not be a part of his grandsons life. It still hurts to know that he and Jason and Jenn will not celebrate another fathers day together. Little things mean so much. We still find odds and ends that make us remember him when we are doing activities that we did with him before and still do now.

So in honor of Randy, we celebrate your life, your love, your sense of humor, and all that you shared with us. We will love you always.

For those walking this path, know that in time you will smile again, you will laugh again, you will love again, but you will also have time to cry......again.

I love you babe!!!


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I will raise a cold one to Him tonite in a while and Say a prayer for his Family!! My prayer s and Hugs to the Family Tonite. and remember that one thing cancer can NEVER take away is the memories!!

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It's nice to know you are still here in spirit even if you don't post often. Life goes on, but we can still glimpse in the rear view and take a detour down WhatIf Avenue every now and then, as well. It's all about the journey, and if all we had was sunshine and rainbows, there'd be no darkness for contrast to help us appreciate the light. I'm glad you have good times to temper the loss that will always be in the background, sneaking into the foreground at times.

Take care,


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(((Shirley))) Thank you for coming and sharing such strong words of love and remembrance. I know how difficult and simultaneously sweet those memories can be. Your words brought me to tears.

Tonight I drink a toast to Randy, and say Happy Birthday. I imagine the celebration in heaven is awesome, choirs of angels singing happy birthday, cake so delicious there is nothing like it here, and gifts greater than we can dream.

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Hi Shirley. It's been so long since I have read one of your posts. I know Randy is with you in a very special way especially on the birthdays.

Prayers to you.

Donna G

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Hi Shirly

I know that even now after so many years the grief never really ends. Life goes on and so does the grief but we do move forward. Some of us move on to new loves and some like myself remake ourselves and our lives. We never forget.

You and Ann were the first two people who I really connected when I first came here so full of pain and anger. I will always be grateful for your friendship. I bet all of our guys are up there celebrating every birthday and all holidays together. So my best wishes go out to Randy and to all of our loved ones who are just a breath away.

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