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Today marks....


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Today marks one year since my dad received his diagnosis. 4 months ago I was really looking forward to this day and being able to come here and tell everyone that he was a one year survivor, now it's hard to believe that he has been gone for almost three months :(

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I know this day must be a hard one for you. I really looked forward to the one year mark too...I even told daddy I'd bake him a cake and we'd have a little celebration- but he passed away 7 days shy of the 1 yr. mark.

It's not fair at all...none of it. Your dad should still be with you as mine should still be with me. I hate this disease.

You aren't alone. We "get" it and we are here for you.

I hope tomorrow is gentler on you and in time I hope the warm memories you have of your dad will outweigh the tears of his loss.


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Remember the Cancer can't take away the love and the memories we have of our loved ones! I hope You get some sunshine tomorrow!!

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