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Update on My Grandmother


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HI All,

They staged my Nan (grandma) at Stage II saying it is localized. This should be good news the only issues are my Nan's age runs so many risks with the treatment/surgery that would normally be involved. They don't want to do chemo b/c they said she probably wouldn't withstand that but it has not been ruled out. She has a narrowing of her colon due to other health issues so as we know with the chemo it is rough on the stomach sometimes.... so they also said that surgery she may not make it through so radiation is being considered as of right now as far as I know from the update from my Aunts. I am praying and praying. As for me I am moving out of my Step-father's house and renting a new apartment beginning on 9/1. My Mom's b-day is 9/2 and somehow I feel she had alot to do with this move for me. I think she would want me to get away from the sickness there with my stepfather running around with some girl I went to highschool with. Unfortunately I don't forsee me and him keeping any contact after this maybe its for the best since he is so selfish in this journey. It just hurts so much all these changes that I did not expect to have to make only 5 months after my Mom left. Just venting -hope everyone is ok.


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