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You're gonna have to put up with me for a while longer!


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August started out a bit stressfully for me as a result of some comments on the radiologist's CT scan report. Though I had looked at the CD images shortly after I got home from the scan and nothing jumped out at me in comparison to the May scan, the radiologist's written report contained the statement "increase in size of left pulmonary lung metastasis." This got the attention of the nurse practitioner who received the faxed report that afternoon, she called my onc at his other clinic, and they set up a Saturday appointment for me to see him there and also scheduled a repeat of the brain MRI and bone scan which I last had in 2006. But when I saw the onc on Saturday he was very reassuring, saying the left lung changes (one nodule from 3mm to 5mm, another from 3mm to 4mm) were so subtle and minor as to not constitute progression. And even the radiologist stated that the right lung, where this all started, was stable. We'll be continuing the Carboplatin/Alimta therapy.

We talked about my increased shortness of breath on Alimta, so the onc set me up for a pulmonary function test which I'll be getting next week. Since my lung capacity has not apparently decreased recently, the NP believes the shortness of breath is largely due to the anemia which has developed and gotten worse while I've been on Alimta. For example, the RBC (red blood cell count), HGB (hemoglobin), and HCT (hemocrit) numbers have been trending down and are all now below the normal range, probably for the first time in my life. I hope we can boost these numbers through diet without resorting to a treatment break, a transfusion, or Procrit with its side effects. And the PFT may reveal something else treatable. Anyway, now that I've got something to latch onto, I'm feeling better about the situation.

And for some icing on the cake, the brain MRI and bone scan were both negative for mets! So if I can stay away from those buses, I don't think I'll be going away any time soon. Aloha,


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Well, I guess if we HAVE to put up with Ned for a little while longer we will. It's just so hard to have someone around who is so knowlegable and helpful and who knows how to pick you up when you need it or give you a swift kick in the rear if that's called for. I GUESS we will have to make the best of the fact that Ned will be around awhile onger to provide unflagging support for his fellow travelers.

Gosh Ned, I suppose it will be hard, but I guess we can manage it.


Love you,


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Ah Ned, your words are the music to my ears so needed this week. You are awesome, my friend, and from PA I am wishing you a heartelt 'aloha'! Is that an appropriate use of the word? Let's laugh over our scanxiety this time next year and the next and the next ~ whaddaya say?

Now in all seriousness, I'm so glad to hear this.


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Aw shucks Ned, what's another 25 years amoung friends? I'll stick around for 25 more years if you do!!! :wink: My husband always says "Not to ask for more then we can handle, because it's for the needy not the greedy. So, I'll say 20 years instead of 25. 8):wink: DEAL?

It's funny how we don't always get the best of the best health news, but when it all comes together and the dots start to connect, even alittle, we seem to find comfort in knowing that. :roll: Must me a cancer thing. :wink:

Hope your PFT goes well next week.

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