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Nearly two years have passed...


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since my mom left this world. Sept. 8th marks the date. I have been thinking a lot about Mom lately. Missing her too. Thinking about how different things would be if she were still here. I would probably still be taking much for granted. I would be much more carefree. My children would have their Grandma and I would still be able to ask her advice in the mothering department. I don't think my daughter remembers her at all. She always talks about her though and refers to her Grandma up in heaven. I guess that is something right? My son does remember some but I wonder how much of what he remembers is just from me reminding him. We are having my mom's side over to my dad's again to get everyone together in the place my mom so cherished. Her family will be able to see that her garden still blooms, her pictures are still around, and her memory still lives strong there. My dad is still seeing the same woman and she will be there too this year. My mom's family has met her as well. It is kind of strange to think of her there at a celebration of my mom's life. She is a special person though. She even goes with my dad to change out flowers at the cemetary. She lets us talk about mom and tells us she enjoys the stories. We are greatful for her kindness. I know Dad still struggles and I am sure part of him always will. I say this all the time but it is still so unbelievable to me that my mom is gone. I still think of her every day and hope that I am living my life they way she taught me. I hope she is proud of us and smiling on us all in our day to day lives.

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I am sure that your mum is smiling down on your and very proud of the way you are living your life.

It's so nice that your dad has someone to be with who understands and respects that he still grieves the lady whom he spent many years with. She must be a very special lady and maybe your mum sent her as a gift to watch over you all.

Can I just add that looking at your Avatar, your mum really was a very beautiful woman!!

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I'm so sorry for your pain. I wish my mom was here, too, and she died in 1996. It is very nice for your dad to have someone special in his life, and that you all like her. My dad remarried a lovely woman and that made me happy.

I ask Rod if he's proud of me and I am sure he and your mom are pleased with who we are. My thoughts are with you as this anniversary comes around.


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It's amazing how fast the time goes, and at the same time how it seems it crawls without the people we love here with us. I find there are times I think about what it would be like if they were with us, and it seems like so long ago that we were together and I get sad, then other times something will happen and I have to catch myself in the middle of dialing his phone to tell him. It seems like they were just here. Funny how time works like that. I too am sorry that its been two years. I'm sorry you have to even know the pain of being without your mom.

I also agree with everyone before me who posted. It is really a blessing that your dad has someone in his life to help him through this new journey of his, who also seems to understand how truly special your mom was and does not try to diminish that or is jealous of it. Someone who can provide love and caring, but at the same time nuture the love that was there before. I too believe that the people we've loved and lost can play a big role in advocating for their loved ones in bringing them together with others who will be supportive and healing to them. And I also agree, your mom was very beautiful, physically very pretty, but from what I remember of posts Ive read from you in the past, just a beautiful woman inside as well. You look a lot like her too in your picture from the wedding.

I know your mom is with you, and so very proud of you and her grandkids, and whole family. Grief is a rough road to travel, and can often tear people apart, and your family seems to being living a life your mom would be so proud of. You are doing the best you can, and holding the family together and sharing love together. It's beautiful.

God Bless you, and I hope you are comforted and surrounded by warm and happy memories at this anniversary time.

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