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Six Months today.....


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Hi Everyone! I know I dont post alot here on the site, but I do log on almost every day and read the submissions and I try to come here to still find some sort of comfort.

Today marks the day six months ago that I lost my mom... still not any easier and I really dont want to hear anymore how "it gets easier".. It doesn't get easier, it just becomes a new way of "living" I guess. I miss her so much. I will say however, last month, she let me know that she is still with me. I feel for those who havent experienced such a feeling because it was a feeling that I will NEVER forget !!! :0) It was at a time that I needed her and wanted to run to her. She was there, I cant believe she was there !!! :0)

Somebody did something wonderful for my family... a gentleman that my sister works with had a brick placed at a very old historical hotel in Ohio with my moms name and date of birth and date of death. He told us that "Now your mom is a part of history". He also did the same very thing here at a location in St. Petersburg Fl.. where I live. I am going to go there this week to see it. Such a generous gift..

Hugs to all....

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Oh geez I know what you mean that people say it gets easier. They have no idea. One person said to me and it was someone so close to me that it will be hard to have to finally say goodbye. I will never say goodbye to my Mother she is very much a part of my life as if she never left physically so I know what you mean with that so frustrating to listen so don't - let it go in one ear and out the other. I am so glad you felt her and she came to you. I am hoping for that too. Unfortnately we share almost the same 6 month date my mom's will be 8/21 for 6 months. I wish for you peace and hope you get through this 1st milestone in the grieving journey.


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Hi Alyssa,

I am so sorry for your loss, and the pain you are now suffering. I will not tell you it goes away or gets easier. I'm 37 months and 19 days out from losing my husband, and I hurt just as deeply and painfully as ever. What does happen is I've learned how to function around the pain. I've learned how to go forward every day, doing the best I can in honor of what he has taught me, and in honor of all he's been and given for me in our lives. Functioning, living, and taking one baby step at a time is what gets easier. But the pain, the loss, that will never get easier. How can it? We are left with a hole in our lives that can never be filled.

I do know what you mean though about the standard comments people make after a loss like this. People mean so well, but they just don't know what to say. I remember for months after the funeral every time someone talked to me, they'd ask how I'm doing, and I'd cringe. I would stand there not knowing how to answer that, and I wanted to scream "HOW DO YOU THINK I'M DOING? I JUST LOST MY ENTIRE WORLD AND ONLY REASON FOR LIVING!" A good friend from this site made me a t-shirt that I used to wear often when going out that was a quote I once made on here it said "I'm doing shi+ty, thanks for asking". It helped a lot, and really stopped some of the canned comments. :lol::lol:

What I pray for you is that you have more moments of peace, acceptance and knowledge of your mom's continued presence.

I pray every day, and wait always for some sort of sign that my husband is still with me, or at least is ok where ever he is. So far I've had no signs, and that lack of connection causes me so much pain and loneliness. I can only imagine the comfort that the reassurance of her presence is. I pray that you experience this many times over and always know she is with you. Thank you for sharing your experience. Just knowing that it does happen for others keeps me hopeful and I still wait, knowing that our love was strong enough where if and when he can, he will come. I won't give up hope, because I see from others that it is possible.

God Bless you. (((Alyssa)))

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You know, we really never have to say "goodbye" to our loved ones, as they are always with us in our heart.

Such a nice thing for the gentleman to do in rememberance of your Mom!

I'm glad your Mom was there with you when you really needed her.

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