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Tuesday's Air


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Morning all. This will be quick. My work "break" is almost over and I did get hung up when I finished here yesterday. Oh, getting hung up includes not being able to get off line as well as not being able to do anything online. I do the "end task" and nada. I was busy yesterday so did that and went away from this computer. It eventually did shut down that time. Usually I have to shut down the computer by just pressing the off button. Hate to keep doing that.

Good to see my friends on yesterdays Air. Mike, as always your signs offs are greatly appreciated. Ann, good to see you online. I haven't seen you in awhile and was wondering. Right about today, I would have done my typical sleuthing when someone I know seems to disappear. I go and check when their last post was. Sometimes I miss people when they've hardly been away LOL. I'm sure that's true for you this time.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Key West

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Thanks for thinking of me, Judy. Today, I actually am feeling human again, as this cold is almost gone. There's something about having a cold in 95 degree weather that just really drags you down. I can handle a cold in the wintertime, as snuggling up under the covers and drinking hot tea just seems like the right thing to do but.....hot tea in 95 degree weather just doesn't so a thing for me!!!

So....it's good to be back and breathing some of this wonderful "air."

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Morning Judy and the world. It's great to see everyone back. I am finally feeling a bit better, I think, yesterday I just suddenly started feeling like my breathing improved. i hate to jinx it tho, I could be nasty sick again tomorrow. This is just so unpredictable but today I feel better and I dig it. Hope everyone has a good day. Peace out

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Good morning from Northern California. Today has been an early start trying to beat the heat. Forcast calls for 106 today and 108 tomorrow. That is out at the airport and it is always at least 2 degrees hotter here :roll:

Took my shower then took Misty out for a while. I don't take her on walks any more. She still gets around pretty good and goew up and down the stairs several times a day but walking up hill is hard on her hips. She is about 17 years old now so I don't push her. I do try to get her to keep using the stairs for both of our bennifits. I think that keeps her limbs from freezing up. As for me diet and exercise are the norm.

After I brought her in I met one of my neighbors and her and I walked up the hill. Don't sound like much but it is about an 8th of a mile each way and the optimal word here is UP, it seems like straight up. Then we were off to the store for a couple of things. Now after I get off here I have to head for fitness class. It is no longer a stretch and casual exercise for old ladies.

When we first started fitness class two years ago we used water bottles for weights and did 8 aps of each exercise but mostly stretches. Now we are warming up by doing the twist and last week finally got all the way to the end of the song. We now use weights, most of us 3 lbs, and rubber bands. We are up to 30 reps of each exercise and believe me we have some really strenuous ones. Two of them I named torture and torment. We finally eliminated torture but kept torment and added two more that really get the heart rate up and make you sweat.The most amazing thing to me is that I can actually do them and do the twist . I don't remember doing it that much as a teenager but now I guess when I get all of this stuff in motion momentum takes over. It is easier to keep going than to try and stop it ha ha :lol:

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It's a little cooler in East Alabama since Claudette came through.

I went home at 4 pm yesterday and went to sleep. I had gotten up at 2:20 to catch my EARLY morning flight and then spent half the day stuck in Atlanta. I was so tired when I finally got to the office at 2 pm I could only work for a couple of hours before the ol'brain just shut down.

I'm MUCH better after 14 or so hours of sleep! :D

I hope everyone has a wonderful day today.


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I'll be spending the better part of the day at the hospital's respiratory care center and my nearby oncology clinic, trying to get a handle on the Alimta/Carbo-induced fatigue and shortness of breath. Will be interesting to see if anything other than cumulative anemia comes up as a possible cause. For the first time in a good while I don't really feel up to driving, so Lani and Rosie will drop me off at the hospital, I can walk (it's downhill) when I need to switch to the oncology clinic, and they'll pick me up there later.

But it's a gorgeous day, and I'm actually sort of looking forward to going through the tests. Guess I'm weird that way.


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