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Our "quality time" with onc today!


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Well, had an emergency meeting with the onc today. He was so upset over all the torment my husband has been going thru with the gemzar/carbo. I told him the second he walked into the room that I hoped he was prepared to spend some quality time with us because I have a lot of questions. (I had a tablet full of them). Before we even went into the exam room we had lab done and see that he now needs his 8th transfusion!!!!! Well, he kept telling us over and over again how sorry he was and that my hubby should have been taken off this combo weeks ago. I just said....well, what's done is done, so how about Tarceva? But you still be more aware of your patients doc!!!! He agreed and we will probably start on that next week. I want to get through this transfusion and give him a couple days to get some strength back. He is just soooooo tired.

But, wanna hear something odd? When we were leaving the office, the onc doc came up next to me, put his arm around my waist and handed me a piece of paper! Any guess what was on that paper? LOL He said it was a direct line to his office that I am not to share with anyone. He said that ANYTIME I have any concerns about my husband to call that number and he will call me back the same day. Aren't I special!!!! Or.....do you think he was flirting? LOL I'm laughing so hard here I have tears! OMG....what if he was flirting? :oops:

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I have to say reading your posts is bitter/sweet!! I can just 'hear' the anguish and frustration sometimes, but, the others are just so full of positivity and spunk!!

What a roller coaster for you! Keep on the uphill track and on the road to less pain and fatigue for your hubby.

Though I had no doubt, you must be some kinda woman to get digits when going through this ...lol! Seriously, I think the docs know with whom and when they need to come with their "A" game, but, sadly, this d#$* disease has everyone over worked and, perhaps, not having enough bandwidth to give the time and attention to everyone as they deserve (no excuse - just trying to explain). Everyone here knows why advocacy is so important.

Blessings to you - and Happy Belated B-day to Hubby,


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Hi Michele,

Ya, I agree with Katie, maybe it is his way of making up for the way you have been treated in the past. But that is over and it seems he really does care!

Keep that number close and if he doesn't call back you can always threaten him with giving out his number over the internet... lol

Flirting hmmmm.... interesting. :wink:


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