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Thursday's Air


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Morning all! The sun is shining (what else is new) and I'm sure my husband will come in from the coach and say it really hot outside. As usual when we are getting ready for a trip, we feel like time is running out so the next three days will be pretty hectic.

I didn't get as much sleep as I like because I was waking in the night or wee hours of the morning (didn't want to look at the clock) with my right eye glued shut. I kept dozing back off because I didn't want to deal with compresses to open it until I finally got up a little after six. Doesn't seem like I am ever going to be rid of this thing that keeps coming back. I do believe it's some allergy and maybe it will go away in winter.

ts and Heidi, I am so jealous of the fresh veggies from a garden. Maybe some of my family and friends will have them when we go to NJ. Mike, I hope you'd sign us out. Hope the antidepressants are kicking in for you. Hate it when my friends are sad.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in Key West

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Mornin all.

Judy I hope your eye starts to feel better soon.

Yesterday at work it was a 3 birthday day. My boss, the GM and the owners wife literally have the same birthday. We had a little party for them and our QC person made 3 pans of home made lasagna w/garlic bread. We also had ceasar salad and garden salad and another co-worker bought in a cake. We also had fresh bagels and creamcheese for breakfast.

I think I gained 5 pounds yesterday. :oops:

Have a great day.


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Good morning everyone! Well today is a early day for me getting ready to head off to work. Unfortunately I have quite the traveling to do today. Should take me about an hour and fifteen minutes to get there and I am sure it will take me at least twice as long to get home tonight. So thinking of that I was soooooooooooo close to calling in but I remembered something strange NO WORK NO PAY = NO PLAY so I decided to suck it up and go and here I am cranky needing coffee and just glad today is my Friday. :D

Gonna be nice and hot today I believe it will be 90 degrees (10 degrees above average for today). :P

Well everyone hope you all have a fabulous day!


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Heidi, I'm so envious of you!! I wish today was my Friday!!! Yes, I know that feeling of no work, no pay = no play all too well. I really don't mind working and am so thankful to have a job during these difficult economic times but when things are slow at work, the days just seem to drag on and that drives me crazy. I love working in a fast paced environment and that's just not happening right now. I love those days when you come in, work like mad and then look at the clock and the day's almost gone.

Judy...sorry your eye is bugging you again. It sounds like allergies to me. I have problems with my eyes when there's a lot of oak pollen in the air.

We're still hot, wet and humid here. We're supposed to get some big, choppy waves from Hurricane Bill this weekend and we're 900 miles away from Bill. I'm sure glad he isn't coming to visit us and I hope everyone else avoids him.

GOOD NEWS - My son got the pins removed from his hand yesterday AND the cast came off!!! He was thrilled to have air circulating on his arm. He has to wear a splint but he can take it off to shower. He starts Occupational Therapy this afternoon, so that will get him out of the house.

So...one more day until Friday!!! Yippee!!

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Good morning everyone.

Hot and sunny here again. It only got up to 108 yesterday instead of the 111 that was forcast. Not we should start a cooling trend. It should be down to 104 today and then only in the high 90s by Saturday or Sunday.

I went for my walk alone this morning. One of my neighbors had to do some work for her sister and the other one said she had already walked but she looked like she had just gotten out of bed. She got a car a few months ago and that made her soft. She would rather ride than walk.

Judy is it possible that you have a blocked tear duct? It seems like allergies would bother both eyes. If it is a blocked tear duct sometimes you can open it by putting a little presure right close to your nose and the corner of you eye. If it is blocked it would make the puss come up in you eye.

I know what you mean about the fresh vegetables. Luckily here we have a lot of farmers markets. There is also a farm about 13 or 14 miles from here where we can get fresh fruits and vegetables. It is half the price there as the farmers market. My problem now is finding a ride with someone because the bus doesn't go out there. It does go to the markets though. The other day I went with a couple of neighbors and got corn, cucumbers and some of the best peaches. I sure hope I can either go there again or pick the same ones up at the farmers market Saturday.

Well I hope you all have a great day. I need to get busy with some of my projects. I seem to always be busy and always behind with them too :oops:

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Ok Ann I must give you an update on my day. Well good thing I did not call in cause I got to work and they did not need me and there were no other assignments for me. So I drove there and back 2.5 hours and I get paid for 4 hrs. :D Cant complain cause I missed rush hour on my way home tonight that would of been at least a three hour drive alone. So I skipped TGIF and went straight to Saturday :D

Now I don't know what i will do today

Have a good one!

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