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Getting to Know You - Thursday, August 20


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Not only do I believe in them, I have had them.

When my sister was pregnant with my oldest niece I was at the movies

and turned to the person I was with and stated "my sister is going to

have her baby tonight". Well the person I was with thought I was out of

my mind as my sisters due date was a good 10 days away. When we

got home there was a message on our answer machine that my sisters

water broke, right about the time I told my friend she would have the

baby that night. I think is scared the crap out of him. :shock:

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I've had many premonitions / intuitive thoughts, feelings. Sometimes there is weight to it, sometimes it just seems like a bunch of hooey. Now psychics, nah, I always figgered if a psychic was real they would call me if something important enough was gonna happen, they never do.

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Now, I'll explain why I was asking this question.

I have a friend that lives in the same area I live in but, due to work and life in general, we only see each other a couple of times a year. Her sons and my sons are very good friends and I see them often. I left my cell phone in the car on Friday night and when I got in the car on Saturday morning, there were multiple calls from one number. I thought the number looked familiar but wasn't sure whose number it was. So, I dialed and her husband answered and said she had been trying to phone me. I could hear in her voice that she was upset and was very afraid that she had bad news of some sort. She explained that she has had very few premonitions in her life but when they have happened, they have been very accurate. She told me about the latest, which had happened while she was driving past out local hospital. The vision was very realistic and involved a sniper with an assualt rifle on top of the hospital. She said she had felt a strong need to call me and warn me. She begged me to avoid that area for a couple of weeks. What she didn't know at the time was that I work less than 1/4 of a mile from that hospital. She was pretty freaked when I told her that. What I didn't tell her was about my son's appointment yesterday, which was at that hospital. During the entire appointment, I was starring out the window with my eyes glued on the roof.

So, obviously nothing happened yesterday but I took this warning seriously. I still feel as if I should avoid passing by the hospital. What do you think???

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Absolutely I do, and I've had a few, but not as many as my wife.

Actually I wouldn't call Debbie's experience a "premonition" (in the sense of a future event) but a real-time connection with what her sister was going through at the moment. I believe we're all connected to everything else that exists, though as humans the bulk of this information is blocked from our conscious mind, and probably for good reason. But occasionally some of it does slip through.

Now here's what I think about Ann's experience. I'm not convinced we can see future events, though some people believe we can (they perceive the dimension of time in a way that I can't conprehend). Instead, I think we have the occasional ability to detect current thoughts and actions regardless of location, as well as detect the ripples caused by previous thoughts and actions, and our mind subconsciously computes the likely consequence of these events as they converge somewhere in the future. BUT the likely future event that our mind extrapolated for us may or may not come to pass, depending on what happens between the time the premonition was formed and the time it is supposed to be realized. So regarding Ann's sniper, I think she and her friend both detected the definite intent of some guy to get on the roof with an assault rifle, and either the time has not yet rolled around, or something has happened to dissuade the guy from following through with his plan.


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One day last week I was thinking about my childhood friend Joe for some reason. I havent seen Joe or talked to Joe for over 10 years but for some reason had him on my mind all that day. I even drove around and looked at our old neihborhood. Then that night as I was getting ready for bed the phone rang. Guess who was one the other end? It was my sister. I bet you all thought I was gonna say Joe. Gotta cha.

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I have an answering machine and seldom answer my home phone. Most everyone knows that I use my cell and have the house phone only because of my DSL. I get calls all of the time than hang up when the macine picks up. The few times I do answer is because I feel I need to and 99% of the time I am right.

Several weeks before Johnny died he had a panic attack one night. I took him to the hospital and could't get him to go in. Finally a nurse who was there with her husband talked him into going in. I dropped him off and went to park the car. When I got back toward the ER he was running out the door. He said that he didn't want to go in there and be put in a small room and die.

That last terrible Friday when he was given the dose of Ativan that was the beginning of the end of his life, they took him out of the ER and put him in what had to be the smallest room in the hospital. There was barely room for a bed. I still have nightmares about what happened to him in that room. He was right to be afraid of a small room in that hospital.

So I have good reason to believe added to what I have experienced myself that small room was a powerful conviction.

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Yes I believe in them and yes I have had them!

I also believe in psychics. There is one here in town that my parents went to about 3 years ago and I went the following week. My parents experience was amazing and mine was too.

She picked up that my mom had cancer and was pointing to the chest area (she wasn't sure if it was breast or lung) and she talked about our past lives. She told me I need to go back for my RN and that my family will ALL be there to watch me graduate. She also picked up on my polycystic ovaries. She told my parents they would have two more grandkids well they are one away. OMG and my best friend was with me and she talked a little about her late husband and how he is communicating with her and the kids.

Anyways, I can go on and on. But one thing that was interesting is she told my husband that in his past life he was called Sonny well that is actually his grandpas middle name too. that was freaky

OK well there is my thought for the day! :D

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I certainly believe in premonitions. I've had a few. mine usually come as dreams. I've dreamed about 2 car wrecks one was a boy friend I just kept seeing his car roll over and over. When I woke up I called his house and his Mom said he was in the hospital but okay, he had rolled his car. The next one I was dreaming about my Grandpa driving and then there were headlights in his eyes, again just seeing it again and again. My Mom came in my room and woke me up, she said she had some bad news. I said, "Is Grandpa dead"? Mom said yes and told me what happened. I know my Mom would get funny feelings about stuff all the time, some we could prove to be right on most we just never knew. I like Ned's "real time connection", Mom and I had that. It was just plain funny how she would call me to see when I would be home and I'm turning in the drive way. We did it all the time, several times a week. I would always tell her to get out of my head!


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Yes, I believe in them because I have had them - many, many times.

My grandmother had them, and one in particular that she said had changed her life. She told us kids the story because it must have really frightened her.

She and my grandfather had purchased a new car when my mother was a young girl. My grandmother dreamed that she got up out of bed, looked out the window to check their brand new car parked in front. Pulling back the curtains (in her dream), she saw the car morph into a hearse.

Soon after, she and my grandfather were in a terrible car accident. My grandfather was never the same after that. Only he was injured badly. Maybe she was just picking up on his driving skills in her dream? Who will ever know? She thought the accident hastened his early death. He died at age sixty in 1936, and she died in 1976,at age eighty-eight.

But, yes, I have had many things become reality after having "felt" them beforehand. I take it as our brains "seeing" the picture before we do consciously.

This does not, of course, explain "knowing" about an event as it is occurring in a different locale. Now, that is really fascinating.

This subject is all so interesting, and the reason I often listen to late-night radio, Coast to Coast. :lol:


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