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Getting to Know You - Friday, August 21


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Friday....my favorite day of the week has finally arrived. Since I love Fridays, I'm assuming everyone else does so, too, so here's your question....

Name one thing you are doing today, just because it's fun.

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Lily I love bingo!

Taking care of my kids? Oh wait that is not always fun will see how things go and let you know if it was fun.

Mowing the lawn? Oh wait I hate yard work

Running errands? Oh nope dont like that either

Hmmm... Going to pass on this question and think about what it is I can do that will be fun with the kids.

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My Favorite Day is Sunday !! That's My Weekend day so I just have to say my fave thing to do on Friday is look forward to Sunday!!!

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Just back from Friday night at the movie and a bite to eat. Saw District 9 - had to change it up from the chick flicks of the last few weeks. Movie = fun, but I couldn't help but see an analogy to cancer in the movie. I think they were thinking apartheid.

Dinner at the wine bar - a plate of chanterelle mushrooms, huckleberries, corn, sage, and bacon. A half pour of red wine.

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