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Don't think I officially announced my upcoming scans on Monday, Aug 24. I won't get the results until the 25th. My onc told us last visit that they have to go to "next day" reports because it was putting too much pressure on their radiology dept. I'm not complaining. I've seen people on this site wait so long for their results.

This will be my first scans since going on Alimta. Without checking my calendar, I've had five or six infusions. I'm not expecting too much, hoping for at least stable. Please pray, send positive thoughts or cross your fingers for me--whatever you do to give friends your support. I sure feel like I need it.

Judy in Key West

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I hope the CT results will be good news for you because you certainly deserve it! How lucky are you to get them so quickly huh? LOL It took ours almost a month. Glad you have such good docs though :D

Please keep us updated?

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You have got my prayers going upward, outward, and every-which-way, with all things crossed, including positive vibes a-plenty.

My thoughts will be full of . . . "nothing but the results that you want, or better."

(((((Hugs))))) to you Judy, :D


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