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Saturday's Air


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Morning All! Made morning by a half hour lol. I was so focused on getting stuff done for my trip that I forgot the Air and my morning pills including BP and allergy pills. Not good.

Am feeling a little sad this morning. A woman from my KW cancer group saw me in the parking lot of Publix yesterday and came up sobbing. She had just seen someone in the store who told her one of our members, Anya, died since we met on Tuesday. We knew on Tue they had called in hospice so it was not a shock. I only knew her a few months but she was very sweet and was the first person to die since I joined the group. It is very sad.

Lily, you deserve a break from walking, and I hope you got to go to the movies last night. Heidi, your weather sounds glorious and congratulations on that sleeping in. It's a really big deal when kids let you sleep til nine!

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. And welcome home Bruce.

Judy in Key West

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Don't usually report in. But I needed a break, just spent 3 hours ironing. I know, I wasn't sure how to do it either. Took a while to figure out you had to turn it on in order to get rid of wrinkles.

Yesterday was an absolutely wonderful day. I played 18 holes of golf with my son and daughter and then had lunch with them. Both work, have children and live very busy lives. So this was a rare day, one I will hold in my heart. They say they will do it again. Holding the will over their heads for this one.

Going to see Julie and Julia. Read both books this is based on, loved the Julia bio, hated the Julie blog, but I love Meryl Strep, can't wait to see her do Julia.

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