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After having been married 18 years and moving (alot) even to another country once- we've finally found a "home" church and we finally feel a sense of community.

Although I was raised spiritually and morally, I've never been religious- never quite cared for religions due to several personal experiences...

ANYWAY, we've found a GREAT church! One that missions to Vietnam (where my ma was born) and welcomes other religions and doesn't judge. Finally...a place were we belong!

Hunter, my 11 yr. old, decided he wanted to be baptised. He set it all up and the childrens minister contacted me. He will be baptised on Sept. 6

Sept. 6th is the anniversary of my dad's passing....

Historically on these days, birthdays, father/mothers days, etc...I go to the cemetary, and hole up in the house and wait for it to pass....

This day will be very different.

I guess this is God's power to redeem sadness into a joyous day

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