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Bringing everyone up to date on mom... SEPT 15th UPDATE...


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To those of you who are watching these updates, hang in there. Mom has an appt. with the pulmonologist who will do her next biopsy . The appointment is on Friday am and I will have more information to give an update at that time. .. Thank you for checking in and keep the prayers coming.. we need them all..



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Ok, Mom had her appointment with the pulmonologist today and this is the plan.

Thursday, Sept. 10th at 1:00pm she is scheduled to have that biopsy of the lymph nodes via EBUS procedure. It is Endobronchial Ultrasound Bronchoscopy... anyhow , it is the safest option for her. The doctor is still hopeful that due to the low amount of uptake on the PET that this is not cancer in the lymph nodes, but if it is... she says if the right one is malignant cyber knife will still be a go, but if the left one is malignant cyberknife will not be an option at this time. We hope to get some preliminary reports on that day. We are all still holding on to the hope that Cyberknife is a go.

Again, thank you all for hanging in there with us through what has been a long drawn out procedure. I hope you will continue to hang in there with us a bit longer because all the positive vibes and prayers coming mom's way is very much appreciated..

Love you all,


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