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I met a really nice lady at the school which my children attend and we went for coffee in October last year, just a couple of months after my dad's diagnosis. We seemed to strike up a really great friendship and felt at ease in each other's company right from the start.

She was a great source of strength for me during my dad's illness and then shortly before he passed her Grandmother became ill and so we kind of just carried each other along through this. Her Grandmother passed away and I held her while she cried and was here when she needed me and then just a few short weeks later my dad passed and she was there to lend me her shoulder.

Just four weeks after her Grandmother's passing she found out that her Grandfather (who had been primary caregiver) had been admitted to hospital suffering with stomach pains.

On the 29th of July '09 (exactly a year to the day that my dad spat up blood, leading to his diagnosis) her Grandfather, Don, was diagnosed with Advanced Cancer of the Throat, Gullet and Stomach and told that there were no treatments available to him.

He passed away, peacefully, last night (exactly 3 months to the day that I lost my dad).

I can't believe that on meeting this lady, Clare, we have been through so much hardship together. I wonder if this is a test of our strength in life and friendship.

I cried when I got the news about her Grandfather, although I had only met him twice. He was such a great man and after caring for his wife, who had many ailments over the years, he deserved just a little time here to enjoy life but it wasn't to be.

I am just hoping that this is the last time we have to grieve together for a long time to come.

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Me Too!! My thoughts and Prayers and Condolences to your friend and also you Caren. Its good to have friends to lean on in hard times though.. True friends are hard to find........

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